25 MAY 2019

 Declared Emergency 

  day #101  













-LONG-LIVE 1776-












"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."





9 MAY 2019


US shutters large migrant facility 

in Texas amid flu outbreak

"GlobalCoin" - Facebook Aims To Launch        

Payments-Focused Cryptocurrency In 2020

Dow rises nearly 100 points, but    

posts longest weekly losing streak since 2011

EU votes as populists seek 

historic breakthrough

2,000 POUNDS OF HOT DOGS                          


CrossFit Shutters Facebook, 

Instagram Accounts Amid 

Data Privacy Concerns

Scientists predict the ‘Big One’ will occur during

a ‘slow slip event’ on the West Coast – 

That is what is happening right now!

Trump Strikes Back

'This Is Big': 76 Retired US Generals 

and Diplomats Warn Trump Against War With Iran

Trump: 1,500 more troops to deploy to

Middle East

School students strike worldwide, 

demand action on climate change

What happens next with Brexit,      

now that Theresa May is resigning?

French police hunt suspect after

Lyon bomb 'attack'

Commerce Department Targets China 

With Proposed Tariffs On 

'Currency Manipulators'

Iran's Leadership "At Highest Level" 

Ordered Attacks On Pipeline, Tankers: Pentagon

House Judiciary Chairman Nadler 

Falls ill at Mayor de Blasio 

Event in Manhattan

Trump Bypasses Congress To Approve 

$8 Billion In Arms Sales To Saudi Arabia, UAE

Terror fears as nail bomb explosion 

injures 13 in Lyon

Impeach Bolsonaro? Just Five Months In,

Talk Has Already Begun 

As Ebola cases rise, so do worries of 

a cross-border epidemic


Monitored For Ebola On Texas Border

UN names Ebola chief to tackle

world's 2nd largest outbreak:    

'We have no time to lose'

“In limbo”: migrants stripped of leave      

to remain in the UK but can’t be removed

Trump moves to escalate investigation

of intel agencies

Trump: I Will Send Troops to

Counter Iran ‘If We Need Them’

Guaidó Out of Gas

Rockets hit hotel in Libyan capital

Russia to take counter-measures     

over US radar deployment in Norway

Sen. Feinstein Dines with Iranian 

FM Amid Tensions

The Next Economic Crisis And The

Looming Post-Multipolar System

Iran top military chief issues threat:

‘Our hands are on the trigger’     

Democrat longshots 'getting creative' in battle  

for final debate stage podium

Iran says it will not surrender 

even if it is bombed

NASA’s first-of-kind tests look to

manage drones in cities              

FaKebook: Fake account removal

doubles in 6 months to 3B

Pelosi tells colleagues Trump is 'villainous'

— and that he wants to be impeached

China says trade talks can’t continue    

unless US addresses its ‘wrong actions’

Shanahan: Pentagon considering sending more

troops to Middle East amid tensions with Iran

RSADF intercept, destroy explosive-laden 

drone launched by Houthis towards 

Najran Airport




Fascist symbols and rhetoric on 

rise in Italian EU vote

Yes or No: Who’s in charge?

Power struggles

roil Washington

Violent tornadoes tear across Missouri,

killing 3 and leaving extensive damage

Buttigieg: Trump faked being

disabled to get out of Vietnam

'American Taliban' Lindh released

as Afghan war still boils       

Webbers Falls Urges Residents To            

Evacuate As Loose Barge Heads For Dam

Runaway barges threaten dam       

in another day of Midwest storms

Texas facility stops taking in

migrants after teen's death

Hundreds Of Asylum Seekers        

Being Released In San Bernardino

Should the Electoral College Be Eliminated?

15 States Are Trying to Make it Obsolete

Joe Biden’s campaign pitch: 

Make America Normal Again

The Pentagon finally admits it investigates UFOs

India's Modi heads for re-election, 

early trends show

Two US Navy ships sail through Taiwan Strait

US gives Turkey two-week ultimatum to 

cancel S-400 deal with Russia

F-35 Makes Its Debut in Danish Air 

Space in 'Tour de Noise'

Dozens dead as Syrian Army  

counterattacks Kafranbuda in

response to Islamist gains

Syrian Rebels Attack Russian Air Base In Major Offensive

FBI: Hamas Supporter Arrested for

Plotting to Bomb Trump Tower, Aiding

Terror Organization

U.S. Fighter Jets Again Intercept

Russian Bombers Off Alaska

Dems Tied to Obama’s Pro-Iran 

‘Echo Chamber’ Spread Terror    

Regime’s Anti-Trump Talking Points

A new Prime Minister intent on no   

deal Brexit can't be stopped by MPs

How will Congress answer Trump's


Saudi Arabia to behead author, 

journalist and cleric on terrorism charges

Theresa May set to go after Andrea

Leadsom quits over Brexit fiasco and

Cabinet try to force her from power

Trump says he won’t do an infrastructure                 

bill while Democrats continue to investigate him

Homeland Security report says Trump administration

has built just 20 miles of border

wall and has funding plans for another 316 –

despite White House claims that it's on track

for 500 by next year

Internet Association To Honor House Speaker

Nancy Pelosi And Advisor To The President       

Ivanka Trump At Sixth Annual Charity Gala

Why the Air Force is investigating 

a cyber attack from the Navy

U.S. Warns Assad Regime 

Preparing New Chemical Weapons Attacks

Global Investors Flee Chinese        

Stocks at Fastest Pace Since 2015

Indonesian Police Break Up       

Election Protest with Tear Gas

Sudan protest group calls 

for a general strike as talks falter

Federal Efforts to Secure Key Cities From 

Mass Terror Attack Found Faulty

Pompeo: We Will Not Allow Iran 

to Hide Behind Its Proxy Forces

First on CNN: HERE WE GO AGAIN!    
Justice Department willing to hand

over counterintelligence if 

Schiff backs off 'enforcement action'

Rotting Trash Piles Sky-High in LA,       

Attracting Rats and Raising Concerns

of a New Epidemic

NY Times Editor Dean Baquet

Predicts Doom For Local

Newspapers: Most Will

‘Die’ in Next Five Years



Statesville Camping World fights fines, 

legal action over giant American flag

US would need ‘one million soldiers’

to invade Iran, warns Brit admiral

Four in 10 Americans Embrace 

Some Form of Socialism


Iran ramps up uranium enrichment

after Trump threats

Houthi Drone Targets Civilian Facility 

in Saudi Province of Najran

'What's going on with Fox?' Trump says 

you 'have to watch the competition' but 

complains his favorite network is 

'putting more Democrats on than Republicans'

SHAKEDOWN Nigel Farage says he’ll                     

press charges against ‘radicalised Remainer’

who pelted him with a £5.25 milkshake on 

Brexit Party campaign trail in Newcastle

Great white shark spotted off   

Long Island Sound for first time

How The US Regime Uses Sanctions 

To Soften A Country Up For Invasion

D.C. Judge Rules Against Trump

In Tax Records Tussle With Democrats

Ilhan Omar Becomes Subject Of 

Immigration Fraud Lawsuit

Hume Praises Buttigieg — ‘Most Impressive 

Candidate I’ve Seen’ Since Obama

Xi Sends Trump A Message: 

Rare-Earth Export Ban Is Coming

Global food crisis ahead as extreme 

weather events devastate crops 

and fields around the world

US destroyer armed with missiles enters

S. China Sea in challenge           

to Beijing’s territorial claims

Friend, foe or unknown force flying overhead? 

Congress should find out

U.S. Intel Warns Iran Plotting 

‘Tactical Surprise’ Attacks in Gulf

Donald Trump Directs Former 

Counsel Don McGahn to Ignore Subpoena

Amash doubles down on 

Trump and impeachment

Guatemalan teenage boy dies

in U.S. Border Patrol custody

UN warns food aid to Yemen 

could be suspended

Palestinians to shun US-led economic         

conference, prelude to Trump peace plan

Is the U.S. Planning for the Right War?

Iran quadruples production of enriched uranium

5G Danger: Hundreds Of Respected 

Scientists Sound The Alarm About 

Health Effects As 5G Networks 

Go Up Nationwide


Vast gasoline lines form in

oil-rich Venezuela      

Rapid DNA-Testing Reveals Third Of          

Migrants Lying About Family Relationship 

To Children

‘We’ve Lost Control of the Border,’

Says Border Patrol Agent      

Illegal Alien Convicted of Raping Dog to Death 

Released by Sanctuary State

Donald Trump Mocks ‘Loser’ Justin Amash

for Backing Impeachment

Will The Market Crash In 27 Days?

Lawrence Wilkerson Warns The US Is Driving 

Down A Highway To War With China

Obama's Top FBI Lawyer Distances 

Himself From Steele Dossier As 

DOJ Investigation Looms

UK forces secretly join US troops in  

Persian Gulf on anti-Iran mission

Is War Coming With Iran? We’re Already in One

Putin’s clever Venezuela gamble to 

‘Make Russia Great Again’

Iran’s envoy rejects talks with    

US under current circumstances

as deceitful

Saudi deposits $250 million in 

Sudan’s central bank$250-million-in-sudan-central-bank

US to hold economic conference in 

June to seek boost for Palestinians

Indian elections: Exit polls indicate     

victory for Narendra Modi and the BJP

Deutsche Bank analysts recommended Feds 

investigate possible Trump and Kushner 

money-laundering in 2016: report

Republican Rep. Justin Amash:

Trump engaged in 'impeachable conduct'

Seventeen injured after bomb hits           

tourist bus near Egypt's Giza Pyramids

No casualties as Katyusha rocket 

crashes into Baghdad Green Zone

Trump Admin Kicks Off Plan to Foster      

Israeli-Palestinian Peace

China State Run Media Broadcasts 

Anti-American Movies To Millions  

Amid Deepening Trade War

Michigan GOP congressman says

Trump’s conduct impeachable

Biden offers anti-Trump theme:

stop fighting, 'start fixing'

Why Black Voters Are Gravitating to Biden

Joe Biden’s Bet That 2016 

Didn’t Change Everything

Bernie's mystery Soviet tapes revealed

'Ahead of his time': Jimmy Carter

enjoys 2020 renaissance

Australia’s Conservatives Win

Surprise Election Victory

Political pitfalls: Iran tests

‘America First’ pledge

Democrats shift to seize on Supreme 

Court as 2020 campaign issue

Exxon Mobil evacuates 50 US 

staff from Iraq oil field, sources say

Syrian state TV says Hmeimim         

air base defenses thwart projectiles

Fresh Airstrikes on ISIS Hideouts; 

Nine Killed in Iraq

Farmers are in crisis. Lawmakers 

can’t do much to help unless Trump agrees

Balakot air strike: Pakistan still wary 

about safety of its F-16 assets

CDAC presents splendid picture 

of cultural interaction

Malaysians trapped in Syria seeking 

return home, police say

Chinese FM urges US to avoid further       

damage of ties in phone call with Pompeo

Senior NXIVM Member Confirms Illegal

Clinton Campaign Scheme During Trial

Mueller’s House testimony likely 

off until at least June

China’s new ‘social credit system’ turns

Orwell’s ‘1984’ into reality

District attorneys near Atlanta vow

not to prosecute women who get abortions

Burger King Hints That People 

Should Assault Nigel Farage with Milkshakes

After Making Bernie Sign Loyalty Pledge, 

DNC Hires Anti-Bernie Finance Chair

Record-Setting Art Sales 

Confirm Global Liquidity Bubble

Putin hails new Russian laser weapons

No Mueller, no McGahn and stalled investigations 

leave House Democrats frustrated

Ilhan Omar calls for abolishing ICE,

stopping deportations

United States and Sri Lanka agreed to      

expand military-to-military cooperation

Ex-CIA agent gets 20-year sentence 

for spying for China

Angry Venezuelans wait hours

for fuel as shortages worsen

Syria says it intercepts Israeli projectiles 

near Golan Heights

Gaza organizers cancel protests 

along Israel border



Administration rejects subpoena for

Trump's tax returns, upping stakes  

in battle with Democrats

China Is Running Out of U.S. Goods to Tariff, 

But It Has Other Trade War Weapons to Unleash

Homeland Security Releases 9K Illegal 

Aliens into U.S. in 8 Days; 

1.1K Released Every Day

ICE to hire contractor to transport                    

225,000 migrants to shelters across the US

US consumer sentiment surges to highest level in 15 years

Two U.S. Warships Enter                 

Persian Gulf Without Incident

Mystery grows. Deputies search Merced
County area where Fowler truck driver vanished

Iran tells Middle East militias:

prepare for proxy war     

US Raid on Venezuela Embassy '

A Brutal Act Against Int'l Law': Maduro

Cuba Blames Plane Crew for Deadly 2018 Crash

Key Development

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Egypt call  

on Qatar to stop funding terror groups

WOW JUST WOW ..................................

Nigeria’s Senate approves 

Central Bank governor for second term

Jamal Khashoggi fiancee: 'The world still has not done anything'

Federal judge orders parts of

Mueller report unredacted, made public

Mueller Testimony to Congress        

Stalled by Executive-Privilege Claim

Trump Proposes Merit-Based

Immigration Overhaul   

Military F-16 fighter jet crashes

into building in California 


UN chief concerned nuclear 'coffin'

leaking in Pacific
Here we go Folks ................

Alabama Sen. Doug Jones calls

new abortion ban ‘shameful’

Marine Reservist Dies After Collapsing 

During Run on His 30th Birthday

CENTCOM Shoots Down General's Claim of 

'No Increased Threat' from Iran

US Military Beefing Up Arsenal  

to Counter Potential Iran Attack

It Would Take Two Strikes to Win 

War Against Iran - US Senator 

May the Least Popular Man Win

Deployment should end amidst Iran tensions

Venezuela's Maduro is paranoid, isolated

and is sleeping in a

bunker as he clings to power in his shattered

country, says

White House NSC official

US transportation dept suspends

flights to Venezuela

Alabama votes to BAN nearly all abortions 

including in cases of rape and incest with    

doctors facing up to 99 years in jail for performing them

Barr Trolls Pelosi at the Capitol: ‘Madam Speaker, 

Did You Bring Your Handcuffs?’

School Controversy: Video Surfaces Showing

Teacher Dressed In Muslim-Like

Head Scarf During Active Shooter Drill

Turkey, Russia agree to set up 

joint working group for Syria's Idlib

Amid US-China trade war, Americans    

need to know who they're dealing with

Trump grants pardon for 

former media baron Conrad Black

Trump declares national emergency over 

threats against US technology 

amid campaign against Huawei

Chinese rover finds strange rocks that may 

come from deep inside the moon

Frustrated GOP senators want

answers from Trump on Iran

Yemeni Armed Drones Attack Saudi Oil Pipeline

Iran's Supreme Leader says there

will be no war with U.S.

Sudan talks resume after shootings mar breakthrough

Saudi Arabia says its oil pipeline 

was hit by drones

Bill Nye says 'the planet is on f******

fire' as he tells leaders to urgently

tackle climate change

The Supreme Tribunal Gives Maduro

What Venezuelans Took from Him:

An Obedient Parliament

F-35A Pictured On "Deterrence Mission" 

Over Middle East With Peculiar Single 

Missile Loadout

US, Russia clash on election meddling

but eye way forward

Iran says Trump playing                  

'very dangerous game,' risking '

devastating war'

Trump denies U.S. plan to send

120,000 troops to counter Iran threat

Liz Cheney Addresses Global Threats,

Criticizes House Dem Leadership at 

Hudson Institute

China Calls For "People's War" Against The US,

Vows To "Fight For A New World"

Arson suspect sought in fire at 2                      

homes owned by SC governor near Five Points

Pentagon presented plan to 

deploy 120,000 troops in 

case of Iran escalation

Britain warns US of ‘unintended’ escalation 

in conflict with Iran as Trump sends bombers to the Gulf

Islamic State announces new overseas 

province in India for the first time

Oil tankers 'sabotaged' as Gulf

tensions soar

Philippine Senate Elections 

Expand Power of Anti-Drug, 

Pro-China President Duterte

US, Russia test tense ties as 

Pompeo visits Putin

Assange faces rape probe in 

Sweden as case reopened

EU calls for Libya ceasefire,

warns of threat to security

N. Korea demands return of detained

cargo ship

US farmers who sell to China feel pain of

Beijing’s tariffs

Trump and Xi to meet after defiant 

China hits U.S. with new tariffs

Attorney General William Barr Appoints

US Attorney to Look into Origins of FBI Probe

Unfit to Lead? Elizabeth Warren Endorsed a War     

Criminal Who Torched a City Because She Was Mad

Maxine Waters Busted

Red-Handed Paying 

Her Daughter $50K 

From Campaign Funds

Dow tumbles more than 500 points as

U.S.-China tariff battle escalates

Saudi Oil Tankers Attacked Near UAE, 

As Iran Threatens U.S. Targets In Region




Venezuela's Guaido Officially Requests 

US Military Support - Letter

Donald Trump: 

‘China Will Be Hurt Very Badly’ 

by Tariffs

Ocasio-Cortez: Biden’s 

‘Middle Ground’ 

Climate Plan Is a ‘Dealbreaker’

Iran commander calls U.S. military

in Gulf a target not a threat -ISNA

Britain warns US-Iran conflict

could break out 'by accident',7340,L-5508304,00.html

China is raising tariffs on $60 billion

of US goods starting June 1

Guaido Begs US Military To Help

With Maduro Regime Change

Trump just gave the House a very       

good reason to look at his tax returns
NEW ZEALAND FOLKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alyssa Milano Calls For Sex Strike

To Protest Restrictive Abortion Laws

South Africa chief vows to                    

purge ANC of 'deviant tendencies'

UAE Says Four Commercial Vessels                

Targeted by 'Sabotage Operations' Near Iran

Iran says US doesn’t dare attack        

for fear of provoking assault on Israel

Schiff: Biden Ukraine Scandal 

Should Be Off Limits

French Activists Successfully   

Block Saudi Ship From Loading 

Purchased Weapons

Poll: 62% Of Likely US Voters Want The 

Government To Deport Individuals Who Overstay Visas

San Francisco police raid home of 

journalist to find who leaked Adachi report

More 'Heartbeat' Abortion Bans 

Advancing in South, Midwest

Humans 'BIOHACKING' their own                      

bodies with blood transfusions to achieve


CIA Briefed Colleagues Of Khashoggi  

That Saudis Are Now Targeting Them

6.1 magnitude earthquake strikes Panama 

and Costa Rica border region - USGS

Sudan tribal clashes leave 7 dead, 22 wounded

Crazy! Ball of Fire Moving Down 

Electric Lines In Venezuela

Rand Paul Lashes Out at Joe Biden, 

Son Over 2016 Ukraine Ties

Yellow Vest Leader Who Lost an Eye  

Was Deliberately Targeted by Police

Kamala Harris: If Elected I Will Take 

Gun Dealers’ Licenses Away 

with Executive Action

New nationalist anti-Islam party seen                 

entering Danish Parliament in election polls

Farage Blasts BBC's Line of 

Questioning on Marr

George Soros & The 'Business' 

Of Illegal Immigration

Iran commander calls U.S. military 

in Gulf a target not a threat - ISNA

FBI uncovers homegrown terror 

training camp in Alabama  

Freight train derails in Mississippi 

during flash flooding

The Surprising New Effect Of Trump’s 

Immigration Crackdown

North Carolina Blowback Intensifies

on Richard Burr’s Rogue Subpoena

These Afghan pilots came to Fort Worth 

for training. Then they disappeared

Here’s how many Afghan troops are 

still AWOL in America — and why

Afghan pilot training ends after        

almost half went AWOL in America

Iraqi pilot missing after F-16 crash

during Arizona training exercise

America’s Power

Grid Vulnerable 

to Electronic Attack

Gunmen storm luxury hotel in Pakistan

Venezuela opposition leader asks 

for relations with US military

Chinese State Media Escalates Attacks 

on US Amid Trade Stand-Off

Houthis prepare to pull back from Hodeidah

Polish Far-Right Supporters Protest     

Against Restitution of Jewish Property

Japan refiners tap more oil from   

Middle East to replace Iran supply

US sends naval strike group

as tensions rise with Iran

U.S. warns merchant ships of                   

possible Iranian attacks; cleric threatens

U.S. fleet

Leaked Letters Reveal Details    

of NRA Chief’s Alleged Spending







New York Wants To Force All Gun Owners

To Buy A Million Dollar Liability Policy

Walmart Raises Age to Buy Tobacco

Monthly Apprehension Numbers            

Top 100,000 For Second Straight Month

French Military Frees Foreign Hostages

from Burkina Faso

US sends Patriot missiles,                

warship to Middle East to deter Iran

U.S. Air Force decided to create 

F-35’s aggressor squadron 

at Nellis Air Force Base

Indian Air Force intercepts cargo       

plane flying to Delhi: Military sources

New Zealand's new aviation bill

highlights safety

U.S. warns merchant ships of possible      

Iranian attacks; cleric threatens U.S. fleet

Iran Just Delivered 1M Barrels

Of Oil To Fuel-Starved Syria By "Ghosting"

Venezuela reopens border where migrants 

used trails to reach Brazil

Yemen port withdrawal to begin on Saturday, 

UN and Houthis say

Trump Pulls The Trigger: Begins Process Of 

Raising Tariffs On All Remaining 

$300 Billion China Imports

New CIA "Flying Ginsu" 

Missile Shreds Individual 

Targets With 6 Long Blades

Hammered by heavy rain and huge hail

Thursday night, Houston braces for

more downpours

Storms bring school cancellations, 

flight delays

Cuba launches widespread rationing in face of crisis

April was another record month   

for illegal immigration

Rap Artist Indicted for Obama 2012

Campaign Donations

FBI Used Suitcase Stuffed With  

Cash During Papadopoulos Sting

New U.S. Sanctions on Iran Hit  

Ballistic Missile Program, Regime’s Cash

McCaul: U.S. Pushing Back on 

Chinese IP Theft and Global Aggression

Election Law Expert: ‘No Good Evidence’ 

Voter Laws Changed Outcomes 

in Georgia, Florida

Former Obama Communications Director: 

“I Hope” House Democrats Break the 

Rules in Order to Take    

Down President Trump

Outrageous! Pelosi Gives Congressional

Opening Prayer Duties to Anti-Semitic

Imam who Compared Jews to Nazis

Senator Rand Paul: Senate Intel Committee’s 

Subpoena of Donald Trump Jr. is     

“Persecution of President’s Family”

and a Mistake for Republicans

North Korea's Kim orders stronger 

strike power; 

U.S. still open to talks

The ‘Tactical Rabbi’ helps synagogues

defend against anti-Semitic violence

Anonymous Tip Leads To ATF Bust Of

More Than 1,000 Rifles,

Firearms At Holmby Hills Home

Indonesia to Hold UN Meeting on Israeli

Occupation in Palestine

1 missile can destroy ‘billion-dollar fleet’,

Iran cleric says as US carrier sails to Gulf

How to salvage Iran nuclear deal

with the remaining signatories?

US Military: Airstrike Kills 13 IS

Fighters in Somalia

 Flash flooding, hail strike Houston area

Texas and Louisiana threatened 

by chance of flash flooding

'Not above the law': Trump indictment

in play after presidency, James Comey says

US futures fall as traders await 

Trump's hike of                   

tariffs on Chinese goods

Barr cracks joke about contempt vote: 

'This must be a record'

Corrupt Obama Judge Amy Jackson

Who Oversaw Manafort Sham Case

Now Demands She See Full Mueller Report

in Roger Stone Case

Donald Trump tells Iran ‘call me’ 

over lifting sanctions

Terrorist killed in encounter in Jammu 

and Kashmir's Shopian district

Houthis Block Access To

‘Floating Bomb’ 

Oil Tanker Off Yemen

Bezos To Unveil "Moon Mission" 

Plans In Race With Elon Musk

The Ultimate Goal Of Globalists Is                

To Make You Into A Monster Just Like Them

San Francisco Doctor Investigated

Over Vaccination Exemptions

Amid Measles Outbreak

DOJ Seizes Dark Web Drug Directory, 

Suspected Owners Arrested In France

And Israel

Great Lakes Water Levels at 'Precipice of a    

Disaster' With Flooding Occurring or Imminent 

in New York, Ohio and Michigan

US cuts off power to Venezuelan Embassy

with activists besieged inside

US drinking water crisis: As many as 

19 million people in 43 states exposed to 

harmful PFAS chemicals in their 

drinking water – Contaminants linked 

to birth defects, cancers, 

infertility and reduced immune 

responses in children

Mystery of the missing whale:

is it a Russian spy or child therapist?

Aircraft Carrier Abraham Lincoln Passes 

Through Suez Canal On Route To Iran As Tensions Soar

Donald Trump wiped nearly $1.5 TRILLION

off global markets in a single tweet after      

threatening to double China trade tariffs

North Korea Launches New Missiles

U.S. seizes North Korean ship

suspected of violating U.N. sanctions

Pelosi agrees US faces constitutional crisis

It’s Time to Break Up Facebook

Inside the Ring: Inside Chinese

Negotiating Deception

Florida to Allow Certain Teachers

to Carry Guns for School Security

For Second Month, More Than 100,000 

Apprehended Illegally Crossing the Border

19 APRIL 2019  

Petrus Romanus Calls For New Globalist

‘Supranational’ Authorities To Rule             

Countries And Enforce UN Goals               

Humans Are Speeding Extinction     

and Altering the Natural World at an

‘Unprecedented’ Pace              

Nature crisis: Humans                                      

'threaten 1m species with extinction'

Study: Michigan PFAS sites           

account for 31% in entire nation

Washed out road in Kingwood shows  

why it's never a good idea to drive through floodwaters



WashPost: Trump Unhappy With

Bolton's Venezuela Policy

'Only in the panhandle can you get away                    

with that': Trump smiles and cracks a joke after

supporter yells that immigrants should be              

shot at the border during Florida rally              

Why China Decided to Play

Hardball in Trade Talks

Donald Trump Jr. Rebuffs Senate  

GOP Subpoena for More Russia Hoax Testimony

Heartbreaking! Laura Loomer Breaks 

Down in Tears in Live Interview: 

‘My Life Is Ruined’ Due 

To Social Media Targeting and Banning

Cotton Warns Europe, Businesses 

Against Caving Into Iran’s ‘Nuclear Blackmail’

Nadler (D): ‘We Are Now in a 

Constitutional Crisis’

‘His goose is cooked’: Ex-Rep. explains

how much legal trouble Trump is in if

he created a cover-up

SA counts votes as Ramaphosa's 

ANC looks to retain power

Pakistan offers to meet Rooh Afza 

shortage in India

Feds released 168,000 illegal immigrant 

family members into communities



Barr’s handling of Mueller report gets little

support in poll | Democrats threaten salaries

of Trump officials who block interviews

Christopher Steele Made Damning

Pre-FISA Confession; FBI Retroactively Classified

On The Brink Of An Apocalyptic War With Iran, 

And Most Americans Don't Seem To Care

"James Comey Is In Trouble 

And He Knows It": Former FBI Official

Italian Secret Agent Found Suspiciously Dead

In Paris Hotel; Had Encrypted Key, Classified Docs

Trump Vows ‘Tougher Sanctions Than Ever 

Before’ on Anniversary of Nixing 

Iran Nuclear Deal

Navy Sends Warships to Challenge 

PLA In S. China Sea

RIP, Turkish Democracy

Senate Intel subpoenas Trump Jr. 

over Russia matters



Trump asserts executive privilege as 

House Judiciary Committee prepares 

to hold Barr in contempt

Top US diplomat makes secret Iraq 

trip amid Iran tensions



Sudan army chief says Sharia law 

must be legislation source

Power-grab failure

Meet Macron’s Renaissance woman

Iran's supreme leader warns of coming 

escalation against America

5 Takeaways From 10 Years of Trump 

Tax Figures 
Can u SAY UN Lawful 


New Jersey Politician Wants        

To Ban All Bags—Paper or Plastic

Trump's presidency puts America

in a state of perpetual crisis
FAKE NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A tectonic plate may have peeled 

apart—and that could shrink the Atlantic Ocean

As Guaido's popularity in Venezuela 

begins to dwindle, what's 

next for the opposition?

Iran moving ballistic missiles by boat, 

US officials say 
MORE WAR HAWKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mike Cernovich Urges Followers to Block

Trump & His Administration (VIDEO)

Why America Has No Aircraft Carrier's

Standing By To Take on Venezuela

C9.9 solar flare erupts from AR 2740,

the strongest since October 2017  

Greater Seattle will be drowned 

by a river of hot mud

Record Setting Flooding Hits The Heartland: 

“The Mississippi River Has Been 

At Major Flood Stage 

For 41 Days And Counting”

Venezuela accuses UK of denying 

Venezuelans food, healthcare 

by blocking gold deposits

DHS Approves 30K H-2B Foreign 

Workers to Take Blue-Collar U.S. Jobs

NXIVM Whistleblower Reveals Human 

Trafficking From Mexico, Satanism, 

Democrat Involvement

Cory Booker: Americans should

be 'thrown in jail' if they won't

give up their guns

Admin Halts Disability Dues Scheme

Dem state lawmaker records 

himself harassing pro-life woman 

outside Planned Parenthood

Mike Pompeo praises the effects of climate                   

change on Arctic ice for creating new trade routes

Trump inches toward military 

confrontation with Iran

Trump has been told by lawyers he 

can’t block Mueller testimony: 

‘Resistance is futile’

Market Crashes as Trump Threatens More 

Tariffs After China Trade Deal Flops

Events In Venezuela Show 

Lack of Political Horizon 

to End Crisis

World weatherwatch: Europe's wine 

regions hit by Arctic blast

UN: Humans Could Cause Extinction 

of 1 Million Species, Globalism Will Fix

No survivors found in Mexico crash of 

jet carrying 13 people

Too Many Jobs, Too Few Qualified 

Workers are Economic Obstacles in Vietnam

Pentagon Warns Of Chinese Nuclear 

Subs Expanding Into Arctic Via 

"Polar Silk Road"

“You’re Going to Jail, Lady!” Heckler 

in Vegas Crowd Tells Hillary Clinton 

She’s Going to Jail On 

Final Date of Speaking Tour

White House Ratchets

Up Trade Fight

U.S. Readies New Sanctions on Cuba,    

Russia for Backing Maduro in Venezuela

Gallup: Trump Approval Rating Ticks

Up to New High of 46 Percent

Trump presents 'true legend' Tiger 

Woods with Presidential Medal of Freedom

Russia’s Khmeimim airbase shelled     

by DOZENS of rockets, attack repelled

Europe Vows To Continue Buying              

Iranian Oil As US Revokes Export Waivers

Militants in Syria create strike force in                 

south of Idlib zone - Russian Defense Ministry

Ex-Blackwater CEO Erik Prince Makes 

a Comeback Under Trump Selling 

Mercenary Armies Around the 


Susan Rice Pens Anti-Trump Op-Ed Days

Before Appearance at Scaramucci Conference

The Hezbollah Sleeper Agent       

Busted for Black Ops in America

Pompeo calls out Canada, China, 

Russia over Arctic policy

Israel passed White House intelligence 

on possible Iran plot

US sending aircraft carrier to Mideast, 

citing Iran threats

How Chinese Spies Got the N.S.A.’s            

Hacking Tools, and Used Them for Attacks

Boeing Knew About Safety-Alert 

Problem for a Year Before 

Telling FAA, Airlines

With Juan Guaido's uprising failing.

what's next for Venezuela?

US sends aircraft carrier to         

Middle East as a warning to Iran

Pilot says lightning caused deadly 

Russian crash landing                     

Sri Lanka Sends Troops to Keep     

Peace as Communal Tensions Rise


Trade Deal Dead: Trump Says 10% 

China Tariff Rising To 25% On Friday 


$325BN In Goods To Be Taxed

U.S., Russia butt heads over 

Venezuela before top diplomats meet

Venezuela helicopter crash kills       

seven military officers near Caracas

Putin Is Ready to Give Up            

Venezuela for the Right Price\

NK-Missile tests backfire

Forty-one reported killed after 

Russian passenger plane 

crash-lands in Moscow


GAZA ESCALATION                     

Trump: 'Mueller should not testify'

Libya's Haftar orders troops to   

chase and destroy enemy forces

Four Israelis Killed by Palestinian Shells on Sunday

Australia shares set to

open higher; NZ slips

Gearing up for days of fighting,

IDF sends tank reinforcements to Gaza border

Under heavy rocket fire,

Israeli reprisals kill 6

Netanyahu pledges 'massive strikes'

in Gaza as death toll rises

Assad regime presses Idlib attack,

artillery hits Turkish position

Pelosi Warns Democrats: Stay in the                

Center or Trump May Contest Election Results



Kim oversees missile firing drills, 

tells troops to be alert

Maduro rallies military as Venezuela 

opposition marches on bases

US condemns Gaza rocket attacks, 

backs Israeli right to self-defense

Cyclone Fani kills at least 15 as it 

moves to Bangladesh

UN condemns deadly IS attack

in southern Libya

Venezuela’s Juan Guaidó says he    

overestimated military support

At least 4 pets remain trapped after 

Jacksonville plane crash                    

Army's Future Attack Helicopter 

Zooms Ahead Of Schedule

Iran to Keep Enriching Uranium Despite US Move: 

Parliament Speaker

Maduro instructs military to prepare 

to repel US attack on Venezuela

With Venezuela standoff unresolved, 

Trudeau reaches out to Cuba

Trump Brushes Off Missile-Test Reports,     

Says Kim "Would Do Nothing To Interfere"

With Denuclearization Talks

Flooding from Michigan to the South           

damages homes, sends Mississippi River

to 157-year-high in Davenport, Iowa

The Massive Extent Of The Nebraska Floods, 

In Photos And Videos




Cartel Gunmen Kill Four Honduran 

Migrants in Juárez Drug House

Gaza-Israel hostilities flare with

rocket attacks, air strikes 

'All of a sudden it smashed into something:'

Jacksonville, Florida, plane crash survivor  

recounts chaotic landing

Russia's increasing influence in Cuba 

stirs ghost of Cold War

Bernie Sanders’ Sr. Economic Advisor:        

‘No Problem with Printing Unlimited Money’

Algerian police arrest brother of former president, 

two former intelligence chiefs: sources

The U.S. Air Force Destroyed North Korea 

(And It Terrifies Kim Jong Un)

US to extend key waivers linked

to Iran's nuclear program

US to cut F-35 deal with Turkey

over Russia S-400 DEAL!

Neo-Nazi networks exposed across 

US military-OH BOY more FAKE NEWS FOLKS!

Plane with 142 people on board goes                  

down in St. Johns River in Jacksonville, Florida

North Korea launches ‘short-range missile’, 

ROK Joint Chiefs of Staff says

Great Power Problems: Russia Wants 

Control over the Arctic Region

The Air Force Just Shot Down Multiple 

Missiles With A Laser Destined 

For Fighter Aircraft

Ron Paul Appointed To 

Federal Reserve Board

California Senate passes bill that would 

keep Trump off 2020 ballot unless he 

releases tax returns

Dalio: "Like It Or Not" 

Central Banking Is On Its Way Out; 

MMT Will "Inevitably" Replace It

The secret history of Lyme disease: originally 

developed by the military as a biological 

weapon for depopulation



Denver Could Decriminalize Magic 

Mushrooms on Tuesday

Snoop Dogg Encourages Everyone to 

Post Louis Farrakhan Footage on 

Facebook and Instagram

Spain will not remove Venezuelan 

opposition figure from its embassy

We agree with Matteo Salvini that  

Europe’s borders must be defended

against the migrant invasion

Shocking video of children in 

Philadelphia Muslim Society: 

'We will chop off their heads' for Allah

Special Reconnaissance: The Air Force 

releases information on its new 

Special Operations job

US, Venezuelan Military Had Reached Secret 

Deal on Maduro’s Arrest - Reports



Trump contradicts his own advisers, 

says Putin 'not looking' to get involved in Venezuela

Trump, Putin discuss nuclear weapons deal, 


Following Following @realDonaldTrump 
We can all agree that AMERICA is now #1. 

We are the ENVY of the WORLD 

and the best is yet to come!

Hispanic Unemployment Rate

Sets New Record Low in April

End to Aids in sight as huge study 

finds drugs stop HIV transmission

General: America’s Power Grid  

Vulnerable to Electronic Attack

Barr Launches Wide-Ranging Probe

Into 2016 FBI Spying

Inside Sanders' Soviet 'honeymoon'

Trump says he, Putin discussed

new nuclear pact possibly including China

Death Toll Rises to More 

Than 1,000 in Ebola 

Outbreak in Congo

Bolton Council elections: Negotiations begin 

for control of town hall

Johns Hopkins Climate Change 

Symposium, Part 4

US launches plan to choke off Iran’s

energy exports, casting uncertainty

over oil prices

Gold drops to 4-month low after US 

Fed douses rate cut hopes

Venezuela’s Lopez evades arrest after 

failed military uprising

Is antifa a threat 

to the U.S.?

Venezuela: thugs loyal to Maduro 

decapitate opposition members ISIS style-           


He was trained to bomb New York, 

then he switched sides

Mexico has it’s own border crisis — 

guns coming from the US

Beyond the Headlines: Sudan moves 

on from Omar Al Bashir

Russia signs law that requires ISPs 

to be able to disconnect from 

the outside internet




Unconstitutional Searches Of       

Electronic Devices At US Airports

Have Quadrupled

Is The Media Driving America Insane?

Empty Threat: Nadler Punts on       

Contempt Citation After Barr Skips

House Hearing

Ortiz: Left-Wing Group’s Tax Cut 

Investigation Tries and Fails to Slam Tax Cuts

Baltimore Mayor Pugh Resigns 

Amid Children’s Book Scandal

Alabama rep blasted for abortion

stance calls Don Jr. ‘retarded’ 

No remaining suspects in custody 

for Kim Jong Nam murder as 

Doan Thi Huong set free

SAS Says Reached Agreement With Pilots’  

Trade Union Ending Week-Long Strike

Secret Venezuela Files Warn 

About Maduro Confidant

This Man Grew Up in Venezuela.

Here’s His Message to Americans

Who Want Socialism.

Man, 27, is arrested after threatening

to kill Donald Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner

Sudanese protest military,     

call for civilian government

Trial in ISIS-inspired Morocco double murder delayed

US opioid execs convicted in bribery case

Cracks appear in U.S. bipartisan 

unity on Venezuela

Saudi Arabia Vs. Iran and Qatar (cont.)

Pentagon warns on risk of Chinese submarines in Arctic

Hillary Clinton Asks China To Steal 

Trump's Tax Returns

Senate fails to override Trump's 

Yemen veto

Inside the Ring: Shanahan on the China Threat





F.B.I. Sent Investigator Posing as 

Assistant to Meet With Trump Aide in 2016

Barr skips House hearing

Pelosi accuses Barr of committing 

a crime by lying to Congress

Jewish group alarmed after German 

police let neo-Nazis march

Biden’s Alleged Financial Ties To U.S. Enemy 

China Overshadow His 2020 Bid

One shot dead, at least 27 hurt in 

Venezuela May Day clashes

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine warns

we need to prepare NOW for the very real

threat of an asteroid hitting Earth

Turkey detains 137 demonstrators 

in Istanbul on May Day

Pakistan summons Afghan envoy 

over cross-border attack

Former CIA officer, Army veteran 

pleads guilty to conspiring to spy 

on China's behalf

China's police targeting 'lawful'     

behavior to detain Muslims: report

Biden Dismissive of China Threat:

‘They’re Not Competition for Us’

The Terrible Magic of Nuclear Deterrence

US And China Drive Global Arms

Spending To New Post-Cold War High

Nellie Ohr Criminal Referral Being   

'Finalized' According To Jim Jordan

Rep. Ilhan Omar: United States

‘Bullying’ Led to Collapse of Socialist Venezuela

Barr: ‘Stop Using the Criminal              

Justice Process as a Political Weapon’

Barr won't testify before House panel Thursday

Can Dems Resist the           

Urge to Impeach? OH BOY !

Amazon's facial-recognition technology 

is supercharging local police

System Off Florida May Be 2019's 

First Named Atlantic Storm




Lavrov trade accusations on 

Venezuela in phone call

Meet the Activists Occupying Venezuela’s 

Embassy in D.C. to Protest U.S.-Backed Attempted Coup

Venezuela's Maduro Not to Flee Is Part of  

'Information War'

Pompeo Says Russia Dissuaded   

Maduro From Fleeing Venezuela

U.S. claims that Russia told Venezuela's

Maduro not to flee is 'information war,'

says Moscow

Ilhan Omar: America 'is NOT Going to 

Be the Country of White People'

On Venezuela, America Should Check    

Its Regime Change Impulses at the Door



May Sacks UK Defense Secretary 

Over Huawei Leak

Text of special counsel’s letter 

to attorney general

Fossil Points to a Vanished Human 

Species in Himalayas

Russia has secretly installed nuke

missiles in Venezuela, US politician

claims in chilling echo of Cuban Missile Crisis

US military stops releasing Afghanistan 

war information

Venezuela's Maduro says he has 

loyalty of military leaders   

The Real "Bombshells"              

Are About To Hit Their Targets

2 killed in UNC Charlotte shooting,   

4 others injured. Suspect in custody,

police say

Mueller Objected to Barr’s Report

Rollout But Did Not Say It Was Inaccurate

Florida cites Poway shooting to        

pass controversial anti-Semitism bill

Venezuela’s Guaido Urges Troops to Rise,  

Mass Protests Planned

UK wants cross-party Brexit talks to

end by next week

White House to designate Muslim Brotherhood 

terrorist organisation

Iraq says Daesh remains threat,

leader Baghdadi filmed video in ‘remote area’

Beast from the east: Indian soldiers 

reckon they've found Yeti footprints

Six killed as tensions mount between Sudan military rulers, protesters

Ex-Algerian PM in court for graft probe:

TV report

Gorbachev says there is urgent need for         

strategic engagement between US and Russia

Honduran Police Clashes with          

Protesters over Health and Education

Why the idea of alien life now seems inevitable 

and possibly imminent

Trump directs officials to toughen asylum rules,

charge fees

Pentagon to deploy 320 more

troops to US-Mexico border




NASA Prepares For "Asteroid Apocalypse" 


"Planetary Defense" Simulation

Poll: 3-in-4 Americans Oppose Allowing

Convicted Felons to Vote from Prison

Daesh airs video purporting to

be leader al-Baghdadi              

US Ambassador to Sri Lanka                       

Discusses Level of Threat in Country

Tulsi Gabbard takes on her own party over 

‘endless war’ in mysteriously-deleted 

viral campaign clip

Colombia-led Operation Seizes 94.2 Tons

of Cocaine in 105-day Period

Speculation Russian military linked 

to harness found on whale 

in Norwegian waters

Rod Rosenstein formally 

submits resignation

Army Veteran Who Converted to Islam,       

Busted Plotting Terror Attack in Retaliation

For New Zealand Mosque Massacre    

It's 2019, Guess Who's Back In Iraq?

Top Guantanamo Bay Commander 

Fired Following Investigation

UK to deport Iraqi man who brought

in baby niece for medical care

Hezbollah Terror Tunnels Discovered in Israel

Islamic Terror Plot Thwarted in Los Angeles

Trump's lack of cooperation with 

Congress sparks impeachment push in House


Congress Returns With Tensions Running High

Succession this week will shrink

Japan’s imperial 

heirs to 2

Britain's FM urges caution over 

Huawei role in 5G network

The Coast Guard’s new Arctic strategic

vision downplays a big problem:

budget constraints

Iran threatens to quit nuclear 

Non-Proliferation Treaty

Two U.S. Navy warships sail through  

strategic Taiwan Strait

Socialists Won the Spanish Election, 

But the Right-Wing Vox Party 

Gained in Popularity

‘They have to get the shots’  

Trump, once a vaccine skeptic, changes

his tune amid measles outbreaks

Trump’s New Nafta Faces Mounting

Resistance in Democratic House

Despite record diversity,  

70-something white men rule 2020 race

Saudi mass execution 

Five beheaded victims were gay lovers 

court docs claim amid fears they were 

tortured into terror confessions   

One person is dead and six are injured

in a shooting near a Baltimore church

She was at the synagogue to mourn her mother.

She was killed while protecting the rabbi      

Synagogue Congregants Tell of Quick

Action to Save Children Amid Chaos of Attack

Why Warren Buffett Thinks    

Most Newspapers Are "Toast"

New Zealander Faces 14 Years After 

Pleading Guilty To Sharing Mosque Shooting


Bolton: No Money Was Paid to North Korea, 

That Is Clear

5G wifi: A global health catastrophe in the 

making – Lloyds of London, one of the 

world’s premier insurance groups, 

is refusing to insure health claims made 

against 5G wireless (“wi-fi”) technologies  

others are following!

Has the Apollo 10 lunar module finally

been found?

Astronomers believe they have located

NASA's probe left in orbit 50 years ago 

and now they want to bring it back to Earth

Unions, leftwing parties, join 'yellow vests' march

Adam Schiff, Glenn Simpson

and their Forrest Gump-like encounter in Aspen

FBI Texts Show Agents Discussed

Recruiting White House Sources   

To Spy For Bureau

Oliver North out as NRA president 

after leadership dispute

New York Attorney General Probes      

NRA as Oliver North Exits as President

How the Palestinians Created 

Their Own Plight

Harris on Fighting for Unions: I Will Use

‘Bully Pulpit,’
Focus on

‘Banning Right-to-Work Laws’

Donald Trump Hosts Political 

Rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin

California Demands Restaurants 

Charge Customers 1% 'Climate Change' Fee

Top Dem Lawmaker Threatens Trump                

Officials: Honor Our Subpoenas Or Go to Jail

Emmanuel Macron Promises to Tackle 

'Political Islam' in 'Act II' of Presidency

Sudan's military and opposition 

agree on joint council

Israel to release 2 Syrian citizens

Four dead in US after crane collapses,

crushing six cars

Pope sends aid to migrants 

stranded at the US border

Student, 19, 'who shot one woman dead and injured 

another three worshipers 

with an assault rifle in a California synagogue on the 

last day of Passover, before 

a hero Border Patrol agent stopped him by returning fire' 
Police say the suspect was armed with an 

AR-15-style semi-automatic rifle  





The Energy Report: 04/25/19

Eni confirms 2019 growth target 

despite lower Q1 volumes

Exclusive: Libya's U.N.-backed government

readies new war funding but hopes vital     

business to continue

Turks among foreign mercenaries 

aiding Tripoli gov't – Libyan Army

Assault on Tripoli 'Flagging,'

Say Government Supporters

Trump's Crackdown on Iran's Oil            

Exports Poses Risks to Global Economy

Russian agent Maria Butina      

sentenced to 18 months in U.S.

NASA plans fake asteroid impact     

exercise to see how people respond

International Partners Plan Asteroid Impact Exercise...

Why Are Elite Special Ops 

Hunkering Down At 

Colorado CDC Facility Paul Martin

NRA Applauds President Trump's Announcement 

to Un-sign the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty   

Human Composting May Soon Be Legal

in Washington State


Trump Makes Post-Mueller Vow To Release 

"Devastating" FISA Docs

Pentagon Official: US Far Behind China,

Russia In Modernizing Nuclear Arsenal

The Essence Of Evil: Sex With Children Has  

Become Big Business In America-UNREAL FOLKS!

A phone was thrown at @realDonaldTrump during 

his introduction at the @NRA convention.



Fort Bragg cut power for thousands to 

test ‘real-world reactions’ to a cyber-attack

Mozambique hit by new cyclone; 3 dead, 

flooding feared

One Venezuelan General Killed in Helicopter Crash,

Another Injured

Has the Recession Been Cancelled?

Inside the Ring: Mueller 

on Russian 

Influence Op

Former State Department Official Spied

for China Since 2007

Chamber of Commerce Demands More 


‘U.S. Is Out of People’

Student attacks against teachers rise to 

a record 220,300 as Dem-led public 

education collapse continues

How Trump Lost Half of Washington-LOL-!

North Korean leader warns of return 

to tension; Trump thanks Putin

Over 1,000 quarantined in measles 

scare at LA universities

Brit medics ‘tortured ISIS captives by 

removing organs and carrying out sick 

Nazi-style chemical experiments’

Australia is killing millions of feral cats with   

poisoned sausages

300,000 Migrants Have Entered Mexico

Bound for the US in 2019, Including      

From Africa, Asia

Five-Time Deported Illegal Alien      

Charged with Kicking Baby to Death

Baltimore Mayor Bolts 

Pugh Missing After FBI-IRS Raid

Ebola Doctors In Congo Are Threatening

A Strike At The Worst Possible Time

Mueller Report Reveals Russia Taped 

Bill Clinton Having Phone Sex 

With Monica Lewinsky

Peak Globalism: Slowdown In Number 

Of International Students Choosing    

Chinese Schools

The Threat From China: Something 

All Americans Can Agree On

FBI pays Anon a visit

Los Angeles Business Owner: “Raw Sewage” in Streets Creating “Health Crisis”

Brazil’s endangered Arara tribe vow to 

‘take up bows and arrows’ against government forces 

invading their rainforest home

Massachusetts judge faces federal         

charges for blocking immigration arrest

Americans' Stress, Worry      

and Anger Intensified in 2018

China to build moon station in 'about 10 years'

DHS Releases 7K Illegal Aliens into 

U.S. in Five Days; 1.4K Released Every Day

Scientists begin hunt for evidence

on cause of Notre Dame fire

Sri Lanka Suicide Bombers Identified 

As Sons Of Wealthy Spice Merchant

"Slide Into Chaos": 30,000 Displaced, 

300 Dead And 1,200 Wounded 

In Libya Fighting

Swalwell Repeatedly Refuses to Accept 

Mueller Finding on Trump-Russia Conspiracy: 
‘He Acts Guilty!’

From ‘Narcos’ Danger Zone to Rising Tourist Star: 

Colombia’s Medellín

Putin: NKorea ready to denuclearize 

if it gets guarantees



Sanders gets tough reception at minority

women's event, signaling challenges ahead

Cohen Betrayed: Tom Arnold Leaks Phone 

Call Where Former Trump Attorney 

Admits To More Lies

Graham tells 2020 candidate Pete Buttigieg 

to repent, not ‘flaunt’ being gay

Deal Talks Between Deutsche Bank 

And Commerzbank Collapse

Pepe Escobar: War On Iran & 

Calling America's Bluff

She Wrote The Patriot Act. Her Next 

Job Is With Facebook

Mueller Report Shatters Credibility 

of Steele Dossier

Kim, Putin have high hopes for their 

1st one-on-one meeting

What Doesn’t Cause Islamist Terrorism

Russia Reveals New Sub Carrying 

Nuclear-Tipped Drone

The Ayatollah With the Bomb

Sunnyvale Driver Faces 8 Counts Of 

Attempted Murder; ‘No Indication’   

Of Terrorism

DHS plan for face scanning at

airports sparks alarm

Trump: Additional Border Troops Will 

Be Armed After Incident With Mexican Soldiers

Lindsey Graham Challenges Bernie Sanders

to Explain Why Charleston Shooter Should   

Be Allowed to Vote

Former FBI Official: Clinton Emails

Found in Obama White House

AOC Blasted For Not Posting a Single 

Tweet About Sri Lanka Terror Attacks

Kushner: Middle East peace

plan to be unveiled after Ramadan




A Summer Of Confrontation Looms In 

The South China Sea

Outbreak: Statewide Hepatitis A

Infections In Georgia

Libya: EU officials hope Trump

will pull support for Haftar

Report: Senior IRGC Officer 

Flees Iran With Secret Intel

Florida Supreme Court Upholds     

DeSantis’s Suspension of Broward

County Sheriff

1,600 Migrants Dumped In New Mexico; 

City Forced To Spend $75K For 

"Humanitarian Assistance"

Power Grid Failure In NY Causes Panic, 

Highlights The Importance Of Prepping



U.S. Offers $10 Million Bounty on 

Hezbollah Operatives

Cheney Applauds Trump Administration’s

Decision to Strengthen Iran Oil Sanctions

More than 85 bomb detonators found

at main Sri Lanka bus station

Sri Lanka military gets special

powers after deadly bombings

'Empty Spain’: country grapples with 

towns fading from the map

Armed Mexican Soldiers Disarm,

Question U.S. Soldiers on Texas Side of Border

2 US Army troops were disarmed, 

detained by Mexican troops in TX

Mexican troops disarmed American

soldiers on US side of the border

Police arrest 'yellow vest' demonstrators

as clashes break out



EASTER MASSACRE Sri Lanka Easter bombings 

Five Brits among 207 killed in Easter Sunday     

terror attacks on churches and five-star hotels

Wound Hundreds in Easter Attacks

on Sri Lanka Churches, Hotels

Sri Lanka: Two Muslims identified        

as attackers in Easter jihad massacres

Gulf Cartel Attacks Federal Police 

After Gun Seizure near Texas

DHS Considers Classifying Fentanyl As 

'Weapon Of Mass Destruction'

Illinois State Senate Passes Bill to Keep 

Donald Trump off 2020 Ballot Unless 

He Releases His Tax Returns

Consumer Reports: Arsenic in some  

bottled water brands at unsafe levels

Sri Lanka Government Declares Curfew,             

Shuts Down Access to Major Social Media Sites

Only 4% of Donations to 

Rep. Ilhan Omar came from Minnesota

Maxine Waters: ‘Enough Information’ in Mueller Report 

to Move Forward with Impeachment

Pope during Easter vigil: Reject the 

‘glitter of wealth’

Mexico warns of 'deep concern' over 

armed groups on U.S. border     

Thailand marijuana festival has 

visitors on a high

F.B.I. Arrests Leader of Right-Wing

Militia That Detained

Migrants in New Mexico

FBI arrests member of rightwing        

militia accused of detaining migrants

Cornell scientists create ‘living’

machines that eat, grow, and evolve

Trump-Friendly Spin on Mueller Report

Puts Heat on DOJ's Barr

How a legal dispute drove the end of the special counsel’s probe

Ukraine election set to deliver damning 

verdict on traditional politics

Elizabeth Warren calls on Congress to 

begin impeachment proceedings against Trump

Fox News’ Napolitano Rips ‘Venal, Amoral,

Deceptive’ Trump: Mueller Report     

‘Might Be Enough to Prosecute’ Him

Bob Woodward on Mueller Report: 

Now We Wait For The Tapes

Venezuela's Guaido calls for 

'largest march in history'  

to oust Maduro

'No authority': New Mexico governor tells militia to

stop arresting migrants at border

'We Pray For The Caliphate To Return':

ISIS Families Crowd Into Syrian Camps

French interior minister warns of 

yellow-vest riots on Saturday

China's Nightmare: How the U.S. Navy 

Could Sink Its Prized Aircraft Carriers

Solar Storm Alert: Earth To Be Bombarded 

By Solar Particles In A Few Days

Petras: Why Venezuela Has Not Been Defeated

CIA Chief Says Russia And Iran Are New Focus,

Praises Trump's North Korea Efforts

Is Bernie Stealing Trump's

"No More Wars" Issue?

Trump seethes over Mueller report,

Democrat demands impeachment

Venezuela's Guaido calls for 'largest 

march in history' to oust Maduro

Harris: Definitely a Conversation To  

Be Had on Impeachment

CNN Op-Ed Admits "Mueller's Report 

Looks Bad For Obama"

Barr v. Mueller: 

Friends pitted against 

each other

U.S. Intelligence Institutionally

Politicized Toward Democrats

Devotees nailed to crosses on

Good Friday in Philippines

Two-wave US flu season is now the longest in a decade

Ukraine's presidential rivals trade

insults in raucous stadium debate

Rome mayor accused of trying to          

change waste disposal firm's accounts

Stealth No More?: Russia's Su-35 

Fighter Might Be Able to Track an F-22 Raptor

Why do so many women leave the Coast Guard?

Notre Dame Priest Says All Precious          

Artefacts And Artwork Have Been Saved

Notre Dame Incinerated

There Is No ‘Labor Shortage’

Mueller Report: Assange Preferred Trump 

Because Hillary Was a “Sociopath” 

Who Would Start More Wars

Greece parliament demand Germany 

pay WWII reparations

Bernie Sanders And Beto O’Rourke Give

Almost Nothing To Charity

FBI’s Facial Recognition Programs 

Under Fire Over Privacy, Accuracy Concerns

John Podesta joins The Washington Post 

as a contributing columnist

Hollywood’s Mueller Report Meltdown:

‘Complete Whitewash,’ ‘Trump Is Guilty As Hell’

Trump Administration Announces Measures 

Against Cuba, Venezuela And Nicaragua

Russia Asked To Dock A Warship Heading 

For Venezuela In The Mediterranean. 

Then Things Got Weird.

Venezuela skirts US sanctions by 

'funneling oil sales via Russia'




Inside the Ring: China Militarizing Deep Sea

Poll: 68 percent say they paid same 

or more in taxes in 2018

Former Al Gore Chief of Staff: ‘Mueller Wimped Out’

Released Mueller Report Includes 

855 Separate Redactions, 

From Footnotes To Full Pages

Robert Mueller Did Not Merely Reject   

the Trump-Russia Conspiracy Theories.

He Obliterated Them.

20 Illegal Aliens from Congo Being 

"Monitored for EBOLA" 

at U.S. Border

Replacement Migration: Is It a Solution to

Declining and Ageing Populations?

Trash at the Border Highlights the

Environmental Cost of Illegal Immigration

Churches Desecrated in Ongoing 

Attacks Across Europe

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The U.S. government no longer controls the internet

Trump’s U.N. pick showered key 

GOP senators with donations

Man Tries To Enter St. Patrick’s Cathedral 

With Cans Of Gasoline, 

Taken Into Police Custody

Notre Dame fire: Yellow vests attack 

‘Macron’s rich friends’ over donations

A Timeline Of How The Notre Dame Fire       

Was Turned Into An Anti-Muslim Narrative
HERE WE GO FOLKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!      




French President Emmanuel Macron

to unveil new ‘concrete’

measures to allay ‘yellow vest’ anger

Gene therapy restores immunity in infants 

with rare immunodeficiency disease

Washington in frenzy over release 

of Mueller report

Zuckerberg used personal data about friends, 

relationships and photos as  

leverage over company partners

Official High School Records Confirm   

Jihad-Rep Ilhan Omar Married Her Own Brother

Tech Censorship: Instagram Bans Pro-Trump   

Cartoonist Ben Garrison

Mueller report will be lightly redacted, 

revealing detailed look at obstruction 

of justice investigation

Mueller Report Release Spirals 

Into Political Gamesmanship

Trump's new Cuba crackdown puts 

US at odds with Canada and Europe

Victor Hugo's Notre Dame novel

tops bestseller list after fire

AOC Previews Green New Deal:

Oil Workers Replace Pipelines with

Mangroves, Indigenous People Heal the Land

The Folly of Abandoning Saudi Arabia in Yemen

Congress Directs Trump Admin to Alter

Federal Info to Recognize Israeli

Control of Golan Heights

State Department Still Says Golan 

Heights Belongs to Syria

Lawmakers Demand No More Oil 

Waivers for Iran

China Builds World's First Amphibious

Drone Boat For Island Assaults

Satellite Footage Exposes Smuggling 

On North Korean Border

FBI, police seek woman

“infatuated with Columbine” who traveled

to Colorado

and is considered

“armed and extremely dangerous”

First U.S. Patients Treated With CRISPR       

As Human Gene-Editing Trials Get Underway

Judge: Barr sowing public mistrust 

with Mueller report handling

American retailers already announced 6,000

store closures this year. That's more than all of last year

Ohio church apologizes for video of kids spitting on, 

hitting pastor as part of Easter lesson

Trump Opens Fire on Fox News For         

‘Crazy Bernie’ Town Hall: Bret Baier Was

‘So Smiley and Nice’

Globalists Are Bringing Their One           

World Currency Plans Out Into The Open

Rothschild: Get Ready For     

One World Currency By 2018

A new world order will likely 

arise only from calamity

Cities Are Rising in Influence     

and Power on the Global Stage

'We WILL rebuild Notre Dame'

Notre Dame Cathedral fire being

investigated as accident for now,

prosecutors say

Bernie’s Authoritarian Blindspot

This article is more than 2 years old
Cell of French women guided by Isis behind

failed Notre Dame attack

Cohen (D): Trump is ‘Torching the

Entire Structure of Government’  
Like the Notre Dame Fire

Pompeo Slams Lawmakers Pushing to               

Choke Off Iran’s Nuclear Work, Oil Trade as 


The Mueller report is coming       

Thursday with color-coded cuts

The Next George Bush Bet 

Everything on Trump

Sanctuary Cities Welcome Illegal Aliens

with ‘Open Arms’ While 38K American   

Veterans Remain Homeless



Red Cross makes appeal for staff

abducted in Syria

US urges Venezuela's Maduro to 

'open these bridges'

US should help Saudis find way out of Yemen,   

says study

Goldman Sachs: Trump has 'narrow'

shot in 'close call' election bid

‘Mayor Pete’ joins 2020 Dem race 

as face of new generation

Deal with Serbia possible this year, 

says Kosovan president

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Promotes Boycott 

of New York Post by Arab Muslim Merchant 

Group Over Ilhan Omar 9/11 Front Page

With the ISIS caliphate defeated in Syria,              

an Islamist militant rivalry takes root in Yemen

CBS Drama ‘The Good Fight’ Tweet with ’ 

Assassinate Trump’ Sparks Calls for 

Secret Service Investigation

Sarah Sanders: Transferring Undocumented 

Immigrants to Sanctuary Cities Is an 

‘Option on the Table’

Cory Booker Admits Releasing Migrants 

In Sanctuary Cities Would 

"Make Us Less Safe"

Steve Bannon Calls Soros A Role Model, 

Pope Francis The Enemy

Kim Jong Un Appoints More Generals 

In Military Shakeup While Extending 

Hand To Trump

Watch: Mass Evacuation Ordered In 

German City For WWII-era Bomb Detonation

Short on electricity, food and water,

Venezuelans return to religion

New concerns Trump administration may 

be laying legal groundwork for military     

action against Iran

Trump sanctuary city idea could 

help migrants stay in US

Top House Democrats Defend Omar’s 

9/11 Comment: 

‘I Saw Nothing Wrong With It’

Social Justice: White House Floated 

Releasing Asylum Seekers into 

Sanctuary Cities

Trump Signs Ambitious 

EMP Preparedness 

Executive Order

Tracking Phones, Google 

Is a Dragnet  

for the Police

World’s biggest airplane takes 

flight for the first time ever

Finland election: voters may pick 

first leftist prime minister in two decades

Rashida Tlaib: Democrats Put Muslims 

in Photos When They Want to 

Show Party Is ‘Diverse’

Progressive PAC Linked to Ocasio-Cortez 

Escalates Attacks Against DCCC

Egypt unveils colourful Fifth 

Dynasty tomb

Five things to watch for in restricted 

Mueller report

WikiLeaks Opens Its Files 
The move follows Julian Assange's 

recent arrest and pending extradition.

Heckler Interrupts Bill and Hillary’s Kickoff Snoozefest

 Screaming, “Bill this is Boring!

Talk About Jeffrey Epstein!”

San Jose city council votes to 

hang rainbow flags near new Chick-fil-A

Google's Wing Launches Commerical Drone

Delivery Service In Australia

Russia Warns         

"New World Order"

Being Formed

China, Russia "Spread Disorder" 

And "Corruption" 

In Latin America: Pompeo

Man dead after shooting,

pursuit in Salt Lake

President Trump announces new 5G initiatives:

It’s a race 
‘America must win’ 

no one WINS with 5G!

Presidential candidate Andrew Yang 

will use 3D holograms for remote rallies

Chinese Woman Indicted for Illegal 

Entry to Mar-a-Lago

Laying the Groundwork for a Taliban 

Takeover in Afghanistan

ICC Rejects Request for Investigation 

Into U.S. ‘War Crimes’ in Afghanistan

Senators Question Pentagon Plan

for Space Force

Religion & The Simulation Hypothesis, 

Part 2: Is Karma A Questing Algorithm?

Pentagon Warns "Next Major Conflict 

Maybe Won Or Lost In Space"

The Weakening Of Earth's Magnetic

Field Has Greatly Accelerated

Hammond plays down Brexit delay increasing 

chance of second vote

Trump weighs sending 'unlimited supply'

of immigrants to sanctuary cities

Mayor Pete Buttigieg is the hottest 

thing in politics. Can it last?

Ex-pope says sexual revolution led 

to abuse crisis, sparking debate

Venezuela sabotage, evil Russians:     

5 times video games were just blatant

US war propaganda

Sudan Military Council To Rule For 2 Years,

Airspace And Ports Closed,    

State Of Emergency Declared

Israel's Lunar Lander Crashes On Moon;

Team Will Still Collect $1m Prize


Disinformation push re: Mueller is a white hat.
FAKE & FALSE narrative.


Iran Restarts Advanced Nuclear Work

Trump Responds To Assange Arrest: 

"I Know Nothing About Wikileaks"

What Happened to Julian Assange’s

Dead Man’s Switch for the  

WikiLeaks Insurance Files?

Met Police Arrests Julian Assange

Bolivian president condemns 

‘persecution of Assange over US’ murders & spying’

Inside the Ring: Cruz on China Threat

Obama DHS Sec. on Immigrant Caravans:

‘This Is a Crisis By Any Measure’

Why Taiwan’s Presidential

Election Is so Crucial

China Using OPM Records for Spying

Dutch F-16 Damaged After Own 

Bullet Strikes Fuselage

Rick Scott on U.S. Intervention 

in Venezuela: ‘This Is Our Fight’

Julian Assange: Transparency icon 

or enemy of the state?

Assange fears being beaten up 

in US prison, called Trump crowd 'clowns'

Edward Snowden: Assange's arrest '

a dark moment' for freedom     

Gabbard: Assange arrest 

is a threat to journalists

Ex-soldier charged with killing                

Slovak journalist said to have confessed

Devin Nunes Sends Criminal Referrals

to AG Barr Alleging  

‘Potential Violations’

in Russia Probe

James Comey on Barr ‘Spying’

Comment: ‘No Idea What the     

Heck He’s Talking About’    

Oregon's SB-978 Gun Control Bill Is

So Hysterically Restrictive That     

Pepper Spray Is A Felony        

Intel Officials Fear China Will Target Globe's

Underwater Internet Cables

Cuba Has Hijacked Venezuela

Raúl Castro pledges Cuba will never 

abandon Venezuela




Maduro says Venezuela ready 

to receive international aid

Dozens of Saudi military cadets 

trained in UK since Yemen intervention

Pompeo Won’t Commit to Shutting Down 

Iran’s Contested Nuclear Work

Pence confronts Venezuelan ambassador at UN:

‘You shouldn’t be here’

Pompeo: Trump ‘Will Continue to Ratchet 

Up Pressure’ on Iran

 4.7 earthquake hits off Oregon coast

Melting snow reveals more Alaska 

earthquake damage

Near Coast of Ecuador

Exclusive — In Push to ‘Drain the Swamp,’

Trump Campaign Implements Rigorous Ethics,

Transparency Standards for Staff, Consultants

Warren Firmly Within Top 1 Percent,

According to Tax Returns

18 States Offer In-State Tuition For Illegals...

And Legal Residents Are Not Happy About That

Bonds, Stocks, & Gold Drop; Dollar          

Pops After Fed Fails To Hint At Rate-Cuts

Hundreds of migrants form caravan

in Honduras to head for the US        
Update: Border Patrol nabs 103,492

immigrants in March

Black hole picture captured for

first time in space breakthrough

Putin outlines ambitious Arctic 

expansion program

The Latest: Barr doesn’t know

if Mueller backs his summary

Evidence of New Human Species

Found in Philippines

Trump says he may 

'call up more military' 

to border

Comey memos contained far more sensitive        

info than previously known, FBI filing reveals

Omar Cites Islam Holy Text In Response  

to Trump Mocking Her 'Anti-Israel' Stance

Mysterious Drug-Resistant Germ

Deemed An

"Urgent Threat"

Is Quietly Sweeping The Globe

Russia's Only Aircraft Carrier Might 

Be Headed for the Scrapper

Old F-14 Tomcat vs. America's F-22 Raptor:

A Dream Air Battle That Could Happen

US urges Libyan National Army’s 

leader Haftar to stop offensive on Tripoli

Sudan: Protesters at army HQ

keep pressure on Bashir

‘Just Fall, That’s All’: Sudan Protests  

Seeking Al-Bashir Ouster Gain Ground

Iran's Khamenei urges Iraq to force 

out U.S. troops 'as soon as possible'

In Tehran, Rouhani and Abdul Mahdi

back deeper Iran-Iraq ties

Do Democrats Want a US-Saudi Alliance or Not?

Thousands clash with security forces

in Sudan anti-government protests

Congress’ Yemen Resolution Could Be Better

Saudi Coalition Airstrikes Kill 11 Yemeni Girls

Understanding the Houthi Faction in Yemen

Yemen: Hadi's saudi-backed gov't continues        

lies on implementation of Sweden agreements

Nationwide Power Outage Hits Sudan –

Electricity Ministry

Where not even graves are safe

Pakistan accuses India of plotting

fresh military attack

Indian Air Force (IAF) Sukhoi Su-30 

fighter aircraft flies past during a parade 

at an airbase in 

Tezpur, India, Friday, Nov. 21 2014India 

Dismisses Islamabad's 'Reliable Intel' 

on Upcoming IAF Attack

Pakistan can’t spare ships for Chinese           

navy’s birthday, India sends stealth destroyer

FARMING DATA ????????????????  VIA CHINA 

Obama shatters previous record,  

mentions himself 467 times in one

speech in Berlin

Florida Gov. DeSantis backs legislation         

to BAN illegal alien ‘sanctuaries’ in the state

Mulvaney: Democrats will 'never'

see Trump's tax returns
LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will Artificial Intelligence

Replace The Military?

“Bring Them Here” – Australian    

Pro-Invasion Rally is 80% Women

In Iowa, Bernie Sanders says states

should allow felons to vote from behind bars

How Pete Buttigieg could hurt 

Trump in the Rust Belt

DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen     

resigning after clashes with Trump

on immigration

Brazil’s Bolsonaro Faces Record-Low Polling

What's up in space

Health Alert News Update Home 
CDC Investigates E.coli Outbreak

in Several States

Textron Delivers Next Generation 

Squad Weapon To Army

Amazon wants to launch thousands

of satellites so it can offer        

broadband internet from space

Swastika-Clad Protesters Interrupt    

Trump Speech to Jewish Republicans

Arrogant Obama Speaks in Berlin:  
“Michelle Would Leave Me if I 

Ever Ran For Office Again”

Russia Conspiracy Truther Eric Swalwell 

To Announce He’s Running For 

President for Some Reason 
MR. WE HAVE NUKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pro-Life Groups Gear Up For Born 

Alive Bill Fight

France, Spain and Belgium 

'ready for no-deal Brexit next week'

Merkel throws May a lifeline over 

UK’s Brexit departure date 
I BET SHE DOES!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????

Conspiracy theorists keep           

their Ginsburg death claims alive

WHAT A REAL GUN              


Philippines President Duterte warns  

China of ‘suicide attacks’ if it invades island

GPS Goes "Haywire" When Putin Is Near, 

Study Finds

Massive BLAST rocks Paris building 

as firefighters struggle with monster blaze

Ex-US Sen Ernest 'Fritz' Hollings of 

South Carolina dead

Trump struggles with a growing 

problem on the border 
According to the AP!

It Begins: Former UN 

Under-Secretary-General Calls For 

One World Currency

Towards A Globalist Utopia: 

"Negative Rates Are Coming, 

Whether You Like It Or Not"

Apple Scammed For Nearly $900,000 

By Chinese Nationals Living In 

Oregon, Washington

Was Ending The Draft A Grave Mistake?

Furious Tory MPs will bid to oust

May if UK fights Euro poll

Venezuelans march to demand power, 

water and end to Maduro

Scientists set to unveil first picture of a black hole

Wisconsin Republicans Critical of 

Gap In Evers’s Proposed Budget



Medieval Diseases Making a

Comeback Due to Feces on Streets

Ecuador twists embarrassing INA    

Papers into pretext to oust Assange

Ecuador’s UK ambassador REJECTS Wikileaks’ claims

that Julian Assange is about to be expelled from its

London embassy and arrested following deal with

Britain – despite armed police surrounding the building

Taiwan Won't Get U.S. Fighter Jets

While Trump Seeks a China Deal

Google has quietly added DuckDuckGo

as a search engine option for Chrome  

users in ~60 markets

Why a US Sale of Fighter Jets 

to Taiwan Matters

New U.S. Sanctions Seek to Block 

Venezuelan Oil Shipments to Cuba

Chinese Jets Fly Into Taiwan Airspace |

Trump Calls Xi Jinping King of China |

China New Headlines

Trump administration tries to stop the 

transport of Venezuelan oil to Cuba

Venezuela crisis is forcing people 

to destroy national park just to bath

Why All the Blame for Venezuela’s 

Woes Falls on Chavez and Maduro

Embarrasing: AOC Puts on Fake Black

Accent While Giving Speech to

African-American Audience

Back to drawing board as Google          

cans AI ethics council amid complaints

over right-wing member

Japan spacecraft drops explosive 

on asteroid to make crater

Russian Group Offered Paramilitary 

Training to U.S. Neo-Nazis ???????WTH

U.N., Congress Give Iran Pass on 

Murdering Scores With Landmines in Yemen

Report: Bernie Sanders campaign 

has $28M cash on hand d/

WATCH: Fox News Lawrence Jones

Responds to Bulletproof Vest Pic

Obama meets Germany's Merkel at 

chancellery in Berlin

Angry Pelosi Slurs, Slams Fist on Podium

‘Show us the Mueller Report, Show us     

the Tax Returns’

"The Democrats Are Not Correct":  

Howard Schultz Agrees With Trump

On "Fierce, Strict" Border Control

Judicial Watch Sues State Department for 

Obama Ambassador Victoria Nuland’s   

Communications Related to 

the Anti-Trump Dossier

Biden: 'I'm not sorry for anything 

that I have ever done'

‘Our country is full’: Trump says 

migrants straining system

‘Air Cocaine’ smugglers given long 

sentences by French court

Joe Biden (VP from ’09-17): 

‘I Hate the Way Things Have Changed’ 

in Past 15 Years

MSNBC’s Deutsch: America

‘Needs’ the ‘Genuineness’ of a Joe Biden Hug





Confrontation at Starbucks 

over ‘MAGA’ 

hat erupts

U.S. is ALREADY home to one-fifth of 

the world’s migrant population, 

but that’s not enough for 

open borders advocates

Natural News is now de-platformed by 

Twitter, YouTube and Google, 

with 99% shadowbanning on Facebook: 

We depend on YOU to share our stories 

and lifesaving messages with the world

Disaster relief talks stalled by

Trump feud with Puerto Rico

Barr defends handling of 

Mueller’s Russia report





Nicola Sturgeon tells EU citizens in Scotland:

‘You are welcome here’

Democrats Tell Protesters Full Mueller

Report Will Reveal if Trump Has

‘Abused His Office’

Illegal Immigration Levels May Reach

Half a Million over Next Three Months

Senators Propose $500 Million Bill 

Extending Humanitarian Aid to Venezuela

Donald Trump Backs Away from Closing 

Southern Border, Threatens Car Tariffs 

on Mexico Instead

Iran Is at War With America

Leaked Messages Show Google

Employees Freaking Out Over

Heritage Foundation Link

Russia in Venezuela: Why Putin has sent 

troops to back up Nicolas Maduro

Colombia Rejects Russia's Warning 

Against Venezuelan Military Action

Maduro places troops on high alert, 

accuses US of rehearsing new form of warfare in Venezuela

Brink Of War: Pakistan On 

High Alert, Indian 

Military Ready To Strike

There are mounting signs of  

military planning for Venezuela

Russia stakes its hold on the Arctic with military base

New Zealand’s new prime minister calls 

capitalism a ‘blatant failure’

Russia Offers Stealth Fighters To 

China As War Preparations Continue

Peter Schweizer: Joe Biden ‘Steered $1.8 

Billion’ to Ukraine While His Son Bagged 

‘Sweetheart Deal’ from Their Government

Russian, who took his three children

from Swedish foster family, 

is detained in Poland

Trump To Give China Until 2025 To 

Commit To Trade Deal

Brussels Halts 5G Pilot Over Radiation 

Concerns As Verizon Clicks Heels 

Over US Rollout

Senators Demand Details On US Aid 

To Possible Saudi  

"Covert Nuclear Weapons Program"

Turkey's purchase of Russian missile 

system 'defies Nato'

Stacey Abrams Still Won’t Concede, 

Says Republicans ‘Stole’ Election

Trump Is Turning NATO Into a Viable Military Force  
???????????????? NATO NEEDS TO GO ????????????

This Is The End!! Trump Rocks Nation

With Massive Hillary, Nadler, 

Schiff Announcement!! - Must See Video

Some on Mueller’s Team See Their     

Findings as More Damaging for Trump

Than Barr Revealed 
MSM OFC ???????????????

Trump leaves Washington reeling with 

policy whiplash as he struggles with domestic agenda

House Judiciary passes resolution 

to authorize subpoenas full Mueller report

Dems formally ask for Trump's tax returns

China-Taiwan tensions grow after  

warplane incursion

Here’s How Venezuela’s ‘Interim President’

Blew His Chance to Oust Maduro

U.S. Military Refocuses on Pacific to 

Counter Chinese Ambitions

U.S. to Snub PLA Navy Anniversary

Republicans Introduce 

‘Ensuring a Secure Afghanistan’ Act

Rep Matt Gaetz CRUSHES Chairman Nadler

GOP to go 'nuclear' with rules change 

for Trump nominations

Jorge Ramos: Amnesty for Illegals,


‘Nothing We Can Do to Stop Them’

Mexico: Trump Must Accept this New Reality

Cory Booker says there’s no 

‘greater moral vandalism’ 

than abandoning Israel 

(and he’ll cut off his hand first)

Damage from Trump unilateralism is

'criminal', says former US adviser

House Panel Approves Subpoenas 

for Trump Officials, Mueller Report

Dark Matter is Real. “Dark Matter” 

is a Terrible Name for It

Mayor Buttigieg: It’s Hard to Look 

at Trump’s Actions and Think He   

Believes in God  

US Expands 'Catch And Release' 

Amid Surge In Migrants

Socialists Surge To Victories 

In Chicago City Council

House Judiciary authorizes subpoena 

for full Mueller report

Trump pivots on pledges, 

exploring the art of the climb-down

Whistleblowers Claim FAA Inspectors        

Not Properly Trained On Boeing 737 Max 8

Midwest Apocalypse: According To Satellite

Data, “At Least 1 Million Acres Of U.S.

Farmland” Devastated By Floods

Russia says it has opened helicopter

training center in Venezuela

On The Incorrigible Hypocrisy Of The 

"Conservative" Neocons

A Volcano That Could Completely Cover 

Mexico City With Volcanic Ash Just 

Erupted 200 Times In 24 Hours

Algeria President Bouteflika Resigns

After 20 Years In Office Following     

Army Demands

Erdogan Disputes Election Results               

After AKP Stunning Loss Of 3 Largest Cities

China Sends Over 120 Troops To          

Venezuela In Defiance Of US Warnings

China’s PLA troops in Venezuela 

is game changer

‘The Wise Are Running for Their Lives’:

Venezuela Simmers With Violence as   

Putin Sends in Russian Troops

In Venezuela, Will Maduro’s Paramilitary

Shock Troops Stay Loyal? That’s Not a Given.

Yujing Zhang: Woman with Chinese passports, 

malware inside Mar-a-Lago facing 

federal charges

Time for Trump to

Assure Taiwan,

Deter China

May to ask for short Brexit extension 

and reaches out to Labour

Cartel Gunmen Disarm, Kidnap 11 

Cops in Mexico

NORAD F-15 Fighter Jets Buzz Miami 

Skyline During Training Exercise

Space debris from India’s anti-satellite

missile test a threat to ISS, NASA says

India’s ASAT test created debris, raised    

risk for International Space Station: NASA


DA dismisses remaining 24 Twin 

Peaks biker cases

Satellite Photos Show Chinese

Anti-Satellite Laser Base  


Delta, Southwest, American Airlines planes    

temporarily grounded due to computer outage

Trump Vows to Deport Four Times

as Many Asylum Seekers      

U.S. Eyes New Front to Combat   

Iran in Golan Heights          

As Trump Threatens to Close Border,

CBP Surges Agents                    

War Rhetoric Rises: Iran Claims To

Have The "Father of All Bombs"

Pro-Life Movie ‘Unplanned’ Exceeds 

Box Office Expectations

Pelosi: Accusations against Biden 

don't disqualify him

Dems ramp up subpoena threats

What Was the Washington Post Afraid Of?

Cal, Lawrence Livermore Scientists 

Create 3D Printer With Potential To  

Print Living Organs

GM Executives Closed Ohio Plant Despite

Concessions from U.S. Workers:

‘We Did Everything They Want’

Democrat Gutierrez: There Should be

Welcoming Centers in Every Major City

for Illegal Caravan Migrants

DHS Secretary Orders “Emergency Surge”

of Border Patrol Agents     

Amid Illegal Alien Invasion

Johnstone: Leaked '401'-Page    

Mueller Report Proves Barr Lied,

Collusion Theorists Vindicated   

Forget RussiaGate: America's Anxieties 

Are About To Go Biblical

Peter Schiff: This Is Permanent Debt Monetization, 

A Dollar Collapse Is Next

Millions without water as 

Venezuela crisis deepens

Venezuela: Maduro calls on armed

groups to keep order amid electricity rationing

What My Fellow Liberals Don’t 

Get About Venezuela

Trump Considers "Immigration Czar"

To Coordinate Border Policy Across Agencies

Mad Maxine Waters Says Dropping All Charges Against 

Hate Hoaxer Jussie Smollett Was ‘Correct Thing’

Hate Hoax? San Fran Police Search For Sword

-Wielding Trump Supporter Who Cut Victim  

– Red MAGA Hat Perfectly Placed at 

‘Crime Scene’

Connecticut woman says then-Vice President 

Joe Biden touched her inappropriately at a  

Greenwich fundraiser in 2009

Death row inmates not guaranteed

'painless' execution, 

U.S. Supreme Court says

'Desperate mood' in No 10 as insiders

considered snap election

HILARIOUS! Maddow Producers Correct

Her in Real Time (VIDEO)

Chicago Police Union Protest Jussie Smollett Case:

‘Foxx Must Go!’

Trump rips 'radical' Democrats, says 

census 'meaningless' 

without citizenship question

Elizabeth Warren admits that the 

2016 primary was rigged for Hillary Clinton

Democratic politician Lucy Flores has        

accused Joe Biden of touching and kissing

her inappropriately in 2014

"America's Forever Wars Will Go On 

Without Me" - A US Army Major Says

"Goodbye To All That"

Bannon: "Trump Is Going To Go Full-Animal

On His Opponents Now That The 

Mueller Investigation Is Over"

Russia's 4th Richest Woman Killed

In Freak Private Jet Crash




Giuliani: "This Is The End Of Mueller's    

Investigation Effectively"; James Comey

Going To Jail

Brazil to open diplomatic office in Jerusalem

US says Russians in Venezuela 

to fix missile system

Bearded men look angrier than clean-shaven

types when they 

are angry but happier when they are 

jolly say scientists 

Omar Blames Border Crisis on

‘White Nationalism’

Why Russia Is Dumping Dollars 

And Buying Gold At The  

Fastest Pace In Decades

"Pitch Up, Pitch Up!": Black Box From 

Doomed Ethiopian 737 Reveals 

Desperate Struggle To Control Plane

Is It Racist? Black Georgia Mayor 

Bans White Reporters From Press Conference

DOD Buying Gas Masks - Mutant Fly -

More Dead Sea Life -

Weather Warfare Live! Analysis

Sen. Rand Paul Makes Move in Senate 

to Hold Obama Accountable for Russia

Hoax: A Must Video

9 Out Of 9 Cities With The Highest    

Murder Rates Are Run By Democrats

The Russians Just Did A Fly-By Of Area 51

CNN’s Tapper Defends Mueller Probe Coverage:

‘I Don’t Know Anybody     

Who Got Anything Wrong’

Sen. Lindsey Graham: We Are Calling in All

of The Officials Who Signed Carter Page       

FISA Warrant to Testify


| DO THEY KNOW WHEN?        


O’Rourke champions US-Mexico 

border during Texas kickoff

This Colorado sheriff is willing to 

go to jail rather than enforce a           

proposed gun law                                   

Declassified Emails Reveal NATO 

Killed Gaddafi to Stop Libyan Creation 

of Gold-Backed Currency

U.S. ending aid to El Salvador, 

Guatemala, Honduras over migrants

‘Heartbeat’ Abortion Ban Heads to 

Georgia Governor’s Desk

WH: Russian Forces in Venezuela

‘A Direct Threat’

Ungrateful Honduran Illegal Migrant

Who Complained About Mexican “Pig Food”

— Arrested in Dallas on  

Aggravated Assault Charges

Inside the Ring: Trump Orders Feds to

Prep for EMP Attack

Denmark Government to Deny Citizenship

to Children of ISIS Members

The Two Americas Have Grown Much Fiercer

Bizarre Secret Files Released on

Lost Ancient Human Civilizations

Adam Schiff's Worst Nightmare Came True

After Huge Secret Rocks Nation, Exposed

By Rep. Jim Jordan - Must See Video

Slovakia elects first female president

Trump Cutting Aid to 3

Central American


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg admits

the social networking site should be 

regulated after 

Christchurch mosque terror attack

Bezos Investigation Finds the Saudis 

Obtained His Private Data

2 teens shot near 

Commonwealth High School


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US Has No Intention of Taking 

No-First-Use Nuclear Stance    

Pentagon Official             

Deputy Under Secretary of Defense David Trachtenberg says

implementing such a policy would undermine                          

US allies’ faith in Washington’s resolve to come to their aid,   

possibly forcing them to make nuclear weapons of their own.  


Midwest Apocalypse: Satellite Data Show 

"At Least 1 Million Acres Of US Farmland" 

Devastated By Floods

Ocasio-Cortez on Green New Deal: We’ve 

Confronted Prior Threats Like Depression, 

World War II with ‘Mobilization’ of the Economy

Adam Schiff Loses It When He gets 

Called Out In His Own Committee

Ukraine's candidates push limits of 

'quiet day' before polls open

More ‘refugee’ teens caught in MS-13 sting


grow in the forest if the federal government 

isn’t around to fund it?

SECOND AMENDMENT ALERT Sheriffs are standing

with the Second Amendment. Here’s how a

gun control group is going after them

RIIIIGHT AOC blames a ‘far-right propaganda

machine’ for her image problems. Maybe

she’s her own worst enemy


run to the left on judicial gerrymandering?
SWAMP WASTE Why do we pay Congress?

It certainly isn’t to be our representatives in DC

Levin: ‘Congress isn’t the IRS! They don’t get 

to dig into people’s tax returns’

Abraham Lincoln Carrier Strike Group 

to deploy Monday

U.S. studying India anti-satellite

weapons test, warns of space debris

Just Before The Great Recession,

Mountains Of Unsold Goods Piled Up In

U.S. Warehouses 

And Now It Is Happening Again

China Building Long-Range Cruise Missile

Launched From Ship Container
Disguised weapon turns freighters into warships,

ports to missile bases

AI Can HATE With No Human Input

Researchers decipher and codify         

the universal language of honey bees

Ask Us: What Is Causing The Loud 

Booms In Fair Oaks?

DHS is using facial recognition technology

to help rescue victims of child exploitation

Chinese Video Game Using Facial Recognition

To Monitor Its Players

Chexia Face Recognition

Chinese government defends biometric

surveillance in Xinjiang saying

13,000 terrorism arrests made

Nearly a Billion People's Private Data

Leaked in 'BIGGEST BREACH Ever'

Bayonne Office of Emergency Management

Mexico braces for new caravan of

Central American migrants

Trump adviser warns Russia on

military presence in Venezuela

The Latest: UK lawmakers again

reject Brexit deal

Dems mock ‘scaredy-cat’ GOP,

demand Mueller’s full 300 pages

End Of The American Dream

Doomsday "Experts" Warn  

Of Civilization-Ending Information


YouTube says it will crack down on

recommending conspiracy videos

The shock of the nude: Brazil's stark 

new form of political protest

Boris Johnson ‘primed and ready’ to

launch Tory leadership bid              

and become next Prime Minister

In trade wars of 200 years ago, the pirates 

were Americans  

Border Patrol begins releasing migrant

families on the streets of Yuma

Trump says barbed wire ‘can be a 

beautiful sight.’ Many border 

communities disagree

Hunger Games: Four Years Of Saudi/US

Aggression In Yemen

This week marks four years of Saudi

bombing in Yemen. US  participation

in the destruction of Yemen began

under Obama, but sadly President Trump

has done nothing to end the slaughter.

While hospitals are bombed

and two-thirds of the population faces

starvation, US lectures to the rest of the world

about upholding human rights are seen

as a hypocritical farce.- Dr Ron Paul

Let’s talk about food SHORTAGE: US grain        

bins collapse under catastrophic Iowa floods

How Historic Flooding in the Midwest      

Could Fuel the Gulf of Mexico 'Dead Zone'

Midwest floods threaten ethanol supply, 

could affect prices at the pump

Flooding An Issue For Most Of The  

Upper Midwest

National Guard providing relief from 

massive floods in Midwest

Guaido To Launch Venezuela-wide 

"Tactical Action"   

To Topple Maduro

Venezuela Strips Guaido Of

Public Office For 15 Years

CIA-Linked Nellie Ohr Gave Extensive

Anti-Trump Research To High-Ranking

DOJ Husband: Transcripts

"As Many As A Million Calves Lost In Nebraska" – Beef Prices To Escalate Dramatically In Coming Months   

"Toto, I Don't Think

We're In Kansas Anymore"

Chicago PD In Possession Of TWO Photos

Of Jussie Smollett In Car 

With Nigerian Brothers

Trump Vows to Declassify Documents on

Surveillance of His Campaign         




Global Warming Has Been Canceled:

Key Greenland Glacier Has Expanded.

Ocasio-Cortez Hardest Hit

Trump Abandons 'America First' Reforms 

'We Need' More Immigration???????????

Twitter considering labeling Trump 

tweets that violate rules

Republicans on House Intelligence

Committee call on Adam Schiff to resign

The Worst Disease Ever Recorded

Mueller Report Exceeds 300 Pages, Raising

Questions About Four-Page Summary

U.S. Projected to Add 1.5M Illegal Aliens 

to Population this Year

U.S. Economy Had Less Momentum Heading 

Into 2019 as Corporate Profits Stalled

AI can predict when someone will 

die with unsettling accuracy

Head transplant doctors Xiaoping Ren 

and Sergio Canavero claim 

spinal cord progress

Trump vows to release FISA docs now 

that Mueller probe is concluded, 

slams 'treasonous' FBI

Man Arrested & Interstate Shut Down After           

Threatening Assassination of President & Blowing

Up The Pentagon

CNN’s Brian Stelter WARNED  

‘Don’t Disrespect The Police’

Devin Nunes Sending Criminal Referral to

DOJ over Spygate:

‘Time to Go on Offense’

Schiff doubles down on Trump despite 

Russia report: 

‘Undoubtedly there is collusion’

Executive Order on Coordinating National 

Resilience to Electromagnetic Pulses

Trump Warns Putin That "Russia Has To 

Get Out" Of Venezuela, 

"All Options Are On The Table"

MASSIVE DOJ LEAK Reveals Mueller Finished 

Trump-Russia Probe MONTHS BEFORE 2018    

Elections; Kept Silent While DEMS Swept Midterms

How Sad. Kate Steinle’s Parents 

Lawsuit Dismissed by 9th Circuit Court 

Not Even an Apology for their Daughter’s Death

Hateful Activist in Front of AIPAC 

Conference Calling Jews “Nazis”    

Was Rashida Tlaib’s Special Guest 

at Swearing In Ceremony

Deutsche Bahn to sell UK rail 

and bus operator Arriva

Border Patrol apprehended more people 

Monday than any day in the last 10 years

Trump: 'Russia has to get out' of Venezuela

Pelosi, Dems look for upside to 

Mueller report

Carter Page says real Russian 

probe starts now

Nolte: Russia Hoax Queen Rachel Maddow’s 

Ratings Take 20% Dive

Theresa May agrees to quit once 

Brexit deal is delivered

Trump is considering this year's            

White House Correspondents' Dinner

The Mueller interview that wasn't:  

how Trump's legal strategy paid off

Pete Buttigieg Thinks Chick-Fil-A 

Boycotters Are "Virtue Signaling"

Emotional Theresa May WILL quit if her Brexit                

deal passes… and she’s finally won over Boris Johnson





PLAN-PREPARE-PROTECT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






VP Mike Pence sets 5-year deadline 

for landing Americans 

at moon’s south pole

Buttigieg shows signs of emerging

from the Democratic pack

World's biggest T. rex discovered

Remember 911 was TREASON

Mueller report details to be issued in 'weeks, 

not months': Justice Department

Bob Woodward: No leaks on 

Mueller report length

'Empire' actor Jussie Smollett charges 

dropped; Chicago mayor and top cop furious, 

as prosecutor admits he believes 

TV star fabricated attack

'Dark day for internet freedom': EU lawmakers 

approve controversial copyright reform

Back in Israel, PM consults with 

military on Gaza violence

Rockland County Declares Measles State of Emergency,

Bans Unvaccinated Minors From Public Spaces              

Democrats Board Buses on Capitol Hill 

to Go Meet with Obama After Failed          

Coup Attempt

Tulsi Gabbard Tells Dems to

‘Move Beyond’ 

Mueller Report: 

‘Could Have 

Even Led to Civil War’

Warren: I Don’t Trust Barr’s

Judgment on Obstruction

Rep. Eric Swalwell: I Won't Accept Barr's 

Version Of Mueller Report Unless Mueller 

Himself Testifies That It Is True

Venezuela Condemns "Trio Of Misfortune" 

Pompeo, Bolton And Rubio, For Blackouts

Ecuadorian Embassy Detains US Journalist 

As Julian Assange Raises Hell 

Over Full Body Search

In Latest Blow To Washington, EU Refuses 

To Recommend Bloc-Wide Huawei Ban

Hogwashed: A Sullen John Brennan Suggests

He May Have Received "Bad Information"

On Collusion

Time to investigate the Obama officials

who concocted and spread the 

Russian conspiracy hoax! 

Shocking number of homeless students 

in San Jose sparks outrage

Brennan IN HUGE TROUBLE, Obama



Wall Street Journal Calls for Obama

Admin to be Held to Account for  

‘Historic Abuse of Government  

Surveillance Powers’

Justice Department Sides with 

Court Ruling Obamacare Unconstitutional

Jussie Smollett Charges Dropped;  

‘His Record Has Been Wiped Clean’

Dems not giving up on Russia probe;

Trump visits Republicans

50 Hollywood Stars Who Accused 

Trump of Treason, Collusion with Russia

Mueller Exposes Spy Chiefs

Trump foe Avenatti charged with trying 

to extort $20 million from Nike

Penn Engineer’s ‘Metallic Wood’

Has the Strength of Titanium

and the Density of Water

Lindsey Graham urged McCain to give 

Trump-Russia dossier to FBI

Jeff Zucker: No Regrets on     

CNN’s Russia Hoax Coverage

Venezuela Military Deploys S-300 

Missiles Following Russian Troop Arrival

Hackers attacked one million-plus     

Asus users through malicious update

Pentagon Notifies Congress It Has 

Authorized Transfer of $1 Billion to 

Begin Wall Construction

Glenn Greenwald "If You Turn On CNN

Or MSNBC It Was Basically



Victory lap and accolades: Trump has, 

perhaps, best day ever

Bob Woodward: No leaks on 

Mueller report length

Spain hits back at Mexico in row 

over colonial rights abuses

Nets Gave Whopping 2,284 

Minutes to Russia Probe

Democrats Move On to Plan B 

With Mueller Finding No Collusion

Apologies to President Trump

Warning of legal limbo for 3m EU

citizens living in UK after Brexit

Eric Swalwell ‘Trump Can Sue Me’ Claims

He’s Seen Evidence of Collusion

Russia’s Venezuelan Power Play

Should The U.S. Military Intervene In    

Venezuela? | Think | NBC News????????
here we GO now they are worried about 

Migrants Folks??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Russia sends troops to Venezuela,                

a move Pompeo says increases tensions

Military shooters from all over fired in                

spec ops sniper competition. Here’s who won.