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20-21 JULY 2019

 Declared Emergency 

  day #157 














-LONG-LIVE 1776-













"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."





Iran’s seizure of UK tanker in 

Gulf seen as escalation

Trump rejects 'send her back'   

call but stands by 'racist' tweet

Dutch court upholds Bosnia

massacre ruling

Reports of heavy explosions as

Saudi-led coalition resumes assault

on Yemeni capital

Dutch Troops Responsible for 10%

of Srebrenica Massacre: Court

Trump offers to help ease tension 

in Japan-South Korea dispute

Brazil to extend probe into Vale 

dam disaster into early 2020 - official

Iraq: Explosives dropped on base belonging

to Iran-backed forces

Iran releases footage it says

disproves drone was downed by US

British oil tanker seized by        

Iranian forces and being guided

into the Strait of Hormuz

Naturalized U.S. citizen charged

with becoming ISIS sniper

and weapons instructor

US expands 'Remain in Mexico' to

dangerous part of border

5.3 quake hits near        

Greek capital of Athens,

no injuries

Argentina Freezes Hezbollah Assets

U.S. Navy ‘Destroyed’ Iranian Drone 

in Strait of Hormuz

Japan in shock after suspected arson kills 33

Turkey launches air strike on Iraqi

Kurdistan after killing of diplomat

Death sentence for jihadists who

killed Scandinavian hikers

Taliban Attack on Afghan  

Police Kills 12, Wounds 90

Senate poised to pass 9/11 victims bill,

after votes demanded by Sens. Lee, Paul

Does this photo prove Trump tormentor's

second marriage was a sham?

Far-left Ilhan Omar is pictured with her first

husband AND her second husband -

as Trump accuses him of being her

BROTHER and he posts from a beach

Nearly 100,000 in Puerto Rico Protest 

Demanding Gov. Rosselló Resign over  

Lewd Texts & Corruption

Trump Says U.S. Ship Downed

Iranian Drone in Strait of Hormuz

Jeffrey Epstein’s lust for young girls 

appears ‘uncontrollable,’ judge says 

in denying accused sex trafficker bail

TAKING ON TEHRAN US ‘to deploy 500 

troops to expanding Saudi Arabian air base’ 

to front-up to Iran threat

Democrats call for increased

security after 'send her back' chants

Trump says critics hate America,

despite his own US putdowns

Team Trump Panicked Over Stormy Claims

Prosecutors drop groping case

against Kevin Spacey

El Chapo is sentenced to life behind bars 

and told to forfeit $12.6 BILLION to the    

US government at dramatic court hearing 

where he broke his silence to complain about 'torturous' 

conditions in jail and thanked his     

glamorous wife for standing by him

U.S. Formally Cancels Sale of  

Fighter Jets to Turkey, a NATO Ally

The second-deadliest outbreak of 

Ebola virus in history has become 

an international 

public health emergency, 

the World Health Organization said Wednesday,

a declaration that marks a new

level of concern about the infection.

House holds AG Barr, Ross in

contempt over 2020 census 

citizenship question

Troops on the southern border

carrying out 'welfare checks'   

to help overwhelmed border agents

Pakistan Arrests Suspected 

Mastermind of 2008 Mumbai Attacks

Louvre Removes Name Of       

OxyContin’s Sackler Family

From Museum Walls

Theresa May offers Brexit advice 

to successor, criticizes populism 

in farewell speech

US Air Force warns of joke 

event to 'storm Area 51'

Kulbhushan Jadhav: ICJ to 

announce its verdict on Indian 'spy'

US official claims Mexican    

soldiers made an 'incursion'

onto American soil and got in

a 'scuffle' with a 

Border Patrol agent near El Paso

Little Change at U.S. Border Amid 

Confusion Over Trump Asylum Rules Facing Lawsuits




Drugs pour in from Mexico as Border 

Patrol forced to focus on migrants

Washington ICE detention center attacker

Willem Van Spronsen wrote 'I am Antifa'

manifesto before assault

The Man Killed In An Attack On An ICE

Jail Said He Was Fighting     

"Against The Forces Of Evil"

Armed 69-year-old ‘antifascist’ 

shot dead after firebombing 

immigration centre

Colorado Rapids ask fans to remove      

Antifa flag from game vs. Real Salt Lake

Pelosi's remarks on Trump's 'racist'

comments ruled out of order,

after floor fight erupts

House votes to condemn Trump 'racist

comments,' with only four

Republicans backing the measure

Magnitude 4.3 earthquake widely

felt around San Francisco Bay Area

U.S. bans Myanmar army chief, 

other top brass over Rohingya  

'ethnic cleansing'

Ebola case in DR Congo's Goma is   

a possible game-changer, says WHO

Planned Parenthood president      

forced out after only eight months

Iran ups ante in 

nuclear standoff

Greek Police Have Arrested a

Suspect in the Killing of an    

American Researcher on Crete

'The agenda of white nationalists': AOC,

other congresswomen respond to Trump's attacks

Trump Keeps Fight Alive: ‘Democrat Congresswomen’

are ‘Horrible Anti-Israel, Anti-USA, Pro-Terrorist’

Pentagon in its longest-ever 

stretch of leadership limbo

Lara Trump: Results Matter for Women,

so Why Are Democrats Trying to 

Undo the President’s Successes?

House Defense Bill Would Embolden Iran

North Korea suggests it could restart

nuclear tests, accuses US of breaking 'spirit' of talks

US fears Iran seized UAE-based tanker –

Gulf tensions

Organisers planning another mass 

rally in Hong Kong warn police not 

to reject their request as move would 

effectively mean imposing curfew in city

A case involving a woman who claimed 

Jeffrey Epstein forced her to have sex 

with Prince Andrew at the age of 17 

is to be unsealed

Hackers Steal Millions of Bulgarians'

Data; Russian Tie Seen

Pence and Trump Deny Climate

Crisis as Deadly Rains Slam Louisiana and Asia

Oh O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kamala Harris took money

from firm behind 

Jeffrey Epstein plea deal


BELOW FOLKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matt Couch BREAKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

WOW! FBI’s McCabe Leaked Intel    

About Seth Rich, New Lawsuit Says

BOMBSHELL: Lawsuit Outs Fox

News Ellen Ratner as Source    

for Seth Rich Intel

Black Homeownership Drops 

to All-Time Low

EU Agrees To Sanction Turkey

For Drilling In Cypriot Waters

Trump moves to effectively end

asylum at southern border

'Racist Disgrace': Susan Rice Slams

Chinese Diplomat Who Says Black   

Families Ruin White Neighborhoods

Jeffrey Epstein will    

remain jailed as judge

mulls bail-AP

What is in the secret Prince Andrew 

‘sex slave’ files?

Ebola spread to east Congo's       

Goma massively raises risk - U.N.

Peter Thiel says FBI, CIA should 

probe Google

Network of Chinese Concentration 

Camps for Uighurs Uncovered

CBS Host: Obama Presidency 

Had ‘No Scandal’

Empty Promises? Ursula Von Der Leyen 

Would Support Brexit Extension

Guatemala Court Blocks Signing

of Migration Deal With US

Bank of England picks World War Two   

code-breaker Turing for banknotes

U.S. proposes barring big tech

companies from offering financial services,

digital currencies

‘Barry’ weakens, spares 

New Orleans

COMPLETE LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leave the US, Trump tells

liberal congresswomen of color

Trump Says Ilhan Omar Should Go Back to Africa:

‘You Can’t Leave Fast Enough’

Nancy Pelosi Emerges As Unexpected 

Villain At Netroots Nation

Tehran is preparing for a showdown 

with the US

How Iran Might Fight a War Against America

(Thanks to Russia)

Fired UK Ambassador Who Trash-Talked       

Trump Also Vouched For Christopher Steele

Republicans make U-turn on health care

Famous madame jailed over sex ring

claims Epstein scandal is 'tip of iceberg'

National News Coverage of 

Tropical Storm Barry Is Its Own Disaster

Con Ed can’t explain what         

caused the Manhattan blackout

French inventor soars above 

Champs-Élysées on flyboard

at Paris parade

Pastor confirmed with Ebola as

disease spreads in DR Congo

Novak Djokovic snubs Roger Federer   

with Rafael Nadal claim after Wimbledon win

Immigration-Enforcement Raids 

Begin in New York

U.S. Authorities Seize 20 Tons Of            

Cocaine From Ship Owned By JP Morgan

Much of Manhattan goes dark as Con Ed equipment fails,  

blacking out Midtown, Upper West Side, and Times Square

Power outages hit parts of Manhattan

sending subway stations, stores into darkness

New York power outage grinds Manhattan 

to a halt stopping subways and Broadway 

shows EXACTLY 42 years after 1977 blackout

Widespread power outages           

hit parts of New York's Manhattan

Manhattan Power Outage Knocks out Subways, 

Businesses, Elevators

Barry Now Bringing Heavy Rain to  

the Gulf Coast; Dangerous Flooding

Ahead in Lower Mississippi Valley

What’s the Deal with the Bizarre 

Temple-Like Structure on  

Jeffrey Epstein’s Private Island?

Protesters Remove U.S. Flag, Replace It

With Mexican Flag Outside ICE Facility In Aurora

Iconic New York Luxury Store    

Barneys Considering Bankruptcy

Worldwide Semiconductor Equipment 

Sales Collapse In 2019, No Bottom Until 1Q20?

Nuclear Is Japan's Only Choice

For Energy Independence

Sanctions Loopholes Still Permit

Iranian Nuke Research at Military Site

Meet The Madam: Epstein Arrest

Casts Spotlight On Clinton-Linked Socialite

Hong Kong protest against Chinese 

traders turns violent


Sneferu’s ‘Bent’ Pyramid in Egypt 

open to public

What is the Russian S-400 air defense 

system and why is the U.S. upset 

Turkey bought it?

U.S. immigration raids spark fear, 

protests and questions about who 

will be swept up

Sudan Activists Call for 'Justice'

for Killed Protesters

Venezuela: Juan Guaido's 



U.N. Report Condemns Torture of Assange

Facebook slapped with highest fine in history

How Trump’s Labor Secretary Cut a

Deal for Multimillionaire &

Serial Sexual Abuser Jeffrey Epstein

Trump Unleashed: Paul Ryan ‘Weak,

Ineffective & Stupid,’ ‘Almost Killed’

Republican Party

Coast Guard releases video of 

$232 million cocaine bust on moving submarine

U.S.C.G. Crewman Jumps Aboard Moving Sub

FTC votes to approve $5 billion 

settlement with Facebook in privacy probe

Could I have some news    

with my emotions, please?

Trump Labor Secretary Alex Acosta

resigns amid pressure from

Jeffrey Epstein sex traffic case

Thousands flee as storm Barry 

menaces New Orleans, Louisiana coast

Prosecutors bring new sex crimes 

charges against singer R. Kelly

Car bomb targets hotel in Somali port city

Ukrainian fighter found guilty over killing of Italian photographer

UK, US discuss building up of 

military presence in Gulf

U.S. Senators Blast NATO Ally 

Turkey After Russia Delivers 

S-400 Air Defense System

$3,355,970,000,000: Federal Spending Sets  

Record Through June; Deficit Hits $747,115,000,000

Exiled Chinese Billionaire Wins Defamation

Suit Over False Tweets 
Guo Wengui lawsuit is rare case of 

successful action by public figure

Coney Island Beach Closed Off After 

Badly Decomposing Human Remains 

Found In Water, Police Say

Tropical Storm Barry closes in

with what could be epic rain

Texas Reporter Watches 300 

Migrants Cross Border in Six Hours

Robert Mueller public hearing may

be delayed one week

Blasting Trump, Biden pledges

global summit on democracy

In Major Foreign Policy Speech, 

Biden Identifies Trump as the Enemy

Tropical Storm Barry to Hammer

Gulf Coast with Major Rainfall Flooding;

Storm-Surge Warning, Hurricane Watch Issued

Gulf Coast Prepares for Tropical Storm 

Barry: Evacuations Ordered in Louisiana

Scientists Find "Man-made Climate Change

Doesn't Exist In Practice"

Twitter goes down during White House 

social media summit

Warning of more severe weather

after storm kills seven in Greece

DNA database helps one of Spain's

'stolen babies' find family

Epstein's Elite Wall Street Ties

Revealed In Filing

Epstein Sold 'Lolita Express' 

Weeks Before Arrest: Court Document

Boeing's 737 Max Chief Retiring As 

AG Barr Recuses Himself From Boeing Probe

Appeals court turns down requests to

halt Trump rule cutting 

Planned Parenthood funding

Amid confusion and silence, 

Norway says Venezuelan political talks are continuing

Thursday’s Daily Brief: Poverty   

report reveals ‘vast inequalities’,

measles compounds

DRC Ebola woes-UN NEWS !

Congo-Kinshasa: How the DRC's

Ebola Crisis Has Led to Children

Dying From Measles

China calls on US to cancel Taiwan 

President's transit stop

Jeffrey Epstein's attorneys submit 

$77M bail proposal secured 

by NY mansion, 

private jet

‘Horrifying’: James Patterson speaks

out about Jeffrey Epstein case

Trump accuses big tech of bias 

against conservative voices

British Navy To Iran: Back The Hell Off

Putin, Ukrainian counterpart hold phone talk

Elizabeth Warren takes aim 

at the pro-Israel community

Tommy Robinson supporter attacks

BBC film crew and fans hurl smoke

bombs after EDL founder is

jailed for nine months

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez rips 

Nancy Pelosi for 

'singling out newly elected women of color'

Lawmaker Proposes Bill Allowing Americans 

to Directly Contribute to 

Funding Border Wall When Filing Taxes

Dow rallies 200 points to close 

above 27,000 for the first time ever

Trump expected to end his fight 

to add citizenship question to census,

sources say

Bombshell: Alex Acosta Reportedly Claimed

Jeffrey Epstein "Belonged To Intelligence"





Planned Parenthood political donations?
What party?
Do you believe this has anything to do w/ a Woman's Right to Choose?
Welcome to the Real World.

FBI Reveals Murdered

Arkansas Senator 

Planned to Expose Child Pornography, 

Child Sex Trafficking Syndicate: FEDS PROBE

SEA STANDOFF Five Iranian boats

‘try to seize British oil tanker’ 

forcing Royal Navy to ‘train weapons

and warn them to back off’

Flooding swamps New Orleans;

possible hurricane coming next

Democrats have moved ‘too far to the left,’

says BET network founder Bob Johnson

Paul Craig Roberts Rages "Government Can 

Know Everything About Us Except Our Citizenship?!"

High anxiety hits Senate over raising 

debt ceiling

DHS: Fewer Illegal Crossings in June, but Border Still in Crisis

US Approves $2.2     

Billion Sale of Tanks,

Missiles to Taiwan

Acosta defends handling of 2008 Epstein

plea deal

Epstein’s Lawyers Offer Plea Deal to

Divulge Names in Exchange for 5-Year Sentence

Big Pharma Hikes Drug Price 879% 

And That's Just One Of 3,400 So Far This Year

UN envoy has 'constructive'

discussions with Syrian gov't

Make America's deficits great again

Marines Arrested for Smuggling 

Unauthorized Immigrants 

Across U.S. Southern Border

U.S. Eyes Military Coalition To 

Safeguard Key Shipping Lanes 

Amid Iran Tensions

France introducing automatic driving

bans to cut out mobile phone use     

Passengers heard loud ‘boom’       

before Delta emergency landing

A Tropical Depression or Tropical Storm

Will Likely Form in the Gulf of Mexico;      

Here's What We Know

Mexican-made autos stream across        

border at record rate in first half of 2019


Tommy Robinson makes bizarre plea 

to Donald Trump to grant him

asylum in US as he faces jail

New high temperature records      

set in Alaska (again) as heat wave

is set to relinquish grip

A New Reagan Doctrine for a New Cold War

Nigeria parliament on lockdown 

after shots fired

European powers take first step 

toward punishing Iran for 

nuclear pact breaches

Labor Sec. Acosta Hails Jeffrey Epstein 

Charges, Calls Crimes ‘Horrific’

Ross Perot, self-made billionaire, 

patriot and philanthropist, dies at 89

House Judiciary Dems prepare 

slew of subpoenas for Trump-tied targets

July National Poll: Biden Extends

Lead in Democratic Primary,

Trump Closes the Gap in the General Election

Area 51 Thousands of Alien Hunters

to Storm US Top Secret Area 51

to Search for Extraterrestrial Proof

Iran makes new threat to pact

$2.2 billion Taiwan arms sale plan

William Barr recused himself from 

Jeffrey Epstein case

Trump biographer says the president 

‘admired Epstein’s lifestyle’  

and warns of ‘Pandora’s box of 

embarrassing information’

Saudi Arabia says it intercepts 

bomb-laden Yemen rebel drone

UN rights chief ‘appalled’ by 

conditions in US for migrants

What did Epstein’s famous friends 

know and see?

Washington D.C. Flooding Leads to

Water Rescues, Stranded Vehicles

Amazon Workers Plan Prime Day

Strike at Minnesota Warehouse

Kevin Spacey Accuser Pleads The 5th 

After Testifying About Missing Cell Phone

Big earthquakes raise interest 

in West Coast warning system


Ark Midnight Episode 158 - Stan Deyo, 

Cody Snodgres & Gary Pihl  
Jul 06, 2019  
Our Guest – Stan Deyo, Cody Snodgres & Gary Pihl

Deutsche Bank will exit global       

equities business and slash 18,000

jobs in sweeping overhaul

Trump reaches career-high approval,

yet faces a range of re-election risks: Poll

Michelle Obama Silent on Biden’s

Praise for Segregationists

Powerful earthquake strikes off

the coast of Indonesia,

triggering tsunami alert

Greece PM Alexis Tsipras concedes 

defeat in election

Intra-Afghan peace talks under way amid

more Taliban attacks

Jeffrey Epstein

Arrested for Sex Trafficking

of Minors

Jeffrey Epstein, Billionaire Long

Accused of Molesting Minors, Is Charged

Southern California Earthquake 

Rattles a State Wary of the ‘Big One’

Britain's man in the the US says

Trump is 'inept'

Boris Johnson set for landslide in

battle to reach No 10

Skywatcher Captures Rare Image 

of Mysterious X-37B Military Space Plane

Five things to know about Iran's

breaches of the nuclear deal

Explosion in US pizza restaurant

sends debris flying 45 metres

Leftist Tsipras' days in power 

appear numbered as Greeks vote

RenTech Pulls Cash From Deutsche Bank  

As Insider Warns Of "Lehman-Style" Scene

Immigration: When Do We Get To Too Many?

Venezuela Independence Day marked

by rival rallies, UN rebuke

Ukrainian Army destroyed two newest Russian 

EW stations in Donbas

Replacing Kremlin's 'malign influence'

with Washington's? US unveils new

anti-Russia plan for Europe

Biden warns Democratic rivals

he's got 'all this information about

other people’s pasts'

Tigers kill Italian tamer as parliament

mulls ban on circus animals

Damaged Russian Sub Linked 

to Underwater Drone Program

Pentagon: S. China Sea Missile 

Test Violated Xi Militarization Pledge

HUGE WIN for Property Rights! 

Elderly Florida couple wins right to 

plant vegetables in front yard after 

6-year legal battle

Anarchy in Israel’s streets as 

force of Ethiopian riots overwhelms police

Trump Approval Remains in Low 40s


Gibraltar Detains Syria-Bound Supertanker

With Iranian Oil

Iran Threatens Seizure Of UK Oil

Tankers In Response To

Royal Marines Boarding Its Own

‘Worst ever!’: Washington covered in             

smoke from Trump’s failed fireworks display

660,000 Migrants Waiting to

Get to Europe from Libya  

President Maduro Orders The

Bank Of Venezuela To Accept Petro Crypto

Deadlock broken in Sudan as parties

agree transitional government

Tunisia bans face veils in public

institutions after bombing

No breakthrough on missile treaty 

in NATO-Russia talks

San Francisco to paint over historic 

George Washington mural

Dow drops 150 points after strong jobs

report dampens hope of a Fed rate cut


Democrats Rashida Tlaib      

and Ayanna Pressley Trash

Declaration of Independence

as Sexist, Racist, Prejudiced

on Independence Day

Trump's 'Salute to America' was a second-

rate Red Square rally -fake NEWS!

but one Democrat managed to find hope

President Trump Notes ‘Great Crowd’

at Salute to America

Venezuela: Colombia, Chile behind failed 

Maduro assassination plot 
Confirmed 2 JULY 2019

‘Wolf of Wall Street’ producer, Riza Aziz,

is arrested in Malaysia fund scandal  

After Aerial Bombing Kills Dozens of Migrants in Libya,

82 More Reported Missing at Sea

Haiti Suggests to Elect New Prime Minister

Beijing bikini ban: China cracks

down on male toplessness

Helicopter crash off the Bahamas kills 

all 7 on board, official says

Italian Prime Minister Notes High Potential of 

Moscow-Rome Relations

Countless Russian Military Vehicles 

Arrive in Moscow

Russia Launches Belgorod, 

the World’s Longest Submarine 
REMEMBER FOLKS............ 


17-Year-Old Mows American Flag         

Into Lawn to Honor Fallen Army Friend

It's Time To Declare Your Independence 

From Tyranny, America

Hiker killed in volcano         

eruption on Italian island

Hollywood Freaks over Trump’s  

‘Salute to America’ Event:   

‘This Is What Dictators Do’

Pro pedo journo to join antifa

in disrupting

DC free speech rally

This Fourth of July,

why have we lost our


Appeals court: Trump can't use 

Pentagon cash for border wall

One-third of Americans say 

news media is the         

'enemy of the people'

The Russian submarine that caught

fire and killed 14 may have been          

designed to cut undersea internet cables

The Truth Behind Russia’s 

'Apocalypse Torpedo'

Putin wants underwater nuclear      

torpedo Poseidon launched in 2019


Intel: Why Washington still hasn’t sanctioned

Turkey over Russian missile purchase

Putin signs bill to suspend Russia's 

participation in nuclear treaty



Libya detention centre attack could 

amount to a war crime

Obama DHS Secretary: Dems Want 

‘Open Borders’

Cotton, Cruz, and Rubio Urge Trump

to Increase Pressure on Iran 

Ilhan Omar: ‘I Don’t Know’ if any

2020 Democrat Can Beat Trump

U.S. Navy SEAL spared jail but 

demoted after war crimes trial

Ruth Bader Ginsburg praises         

Brett Kavanaugh and reflects on

gender equality

Trump says US should start

manipulating the dollar

An American General to Head the Israeli Military?
The answer lies in whether it was right to appoint

the Wharton School’s

Amir Yaron to run the central bank-

BEING LOOKED AT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't panic: Army warns DC 

residents armored vehicles roll 

through neighborhoods

Emir of Sharjah’s son Prince Khalid

Al Qasimi died aged 39

Dow and Nasdaq close at record     

highs amid expectations for the Fed

to lower rates

Bald eagles stir U.S. patriotism

as web-cam stars

Guaidó and Maduro to test their 

strength on Venezuela’s independence day

From the Mustang to the minivan,       

auto legend Lee Iacocca is dead at 94

Parts of South America set to be 

plunged into darkness during total solar eclipse

PE Dealmaking At Highest Level Since

Financial Crisis As Firms Rush To 

Deploy $2.5 Trillion In Dry Powder

"It's Time to Fight Back": Hundreds

of #CloseTheCamps Rallies 

Planned Across the Country

Zimbabwe Stops Issuing Passports 

As Cash Shortage Hits Crisis Levels

Fourteen Killed In Russian Nuclear Submarine

Fire; No 'Abnormal' Radiation Levels Detected

ISIS Threats Leading Up to July 4

Depict Attacks on New York, White House

Immigration overtakes health care 

as top issue for voters

Pence abruptly cancels New Hampshire

trip for unspecified reason

Pence abruptly cancels New Hampshire trip

Vladimir Putin calls urgent meeting

with defence chiefs after 14

Russian sailors die in submarine fire

14 Sailors Die on Secretive 

Russian Nuclear Submarine

New Ad Urges Trump to Act Against Slaughter 

of Innocents in Syria 
Activists plead with Admin to stop Russia, Iran 

from killing Syrian civilians in Idlib

With Their Repeated Rejections,    

Palestinians Risk Total Irrelevance

Russia: Israel’s Syria strikes

menace regional stability

‘The Loudest Voice’ Gets Very Soft Viewership

For Debut; Roger Ailes BioSeries Least 

Watched Showtime Premiere This Year

'It just really ethically scares me':

Caution urged as scientists look to

create human-monkey chimeras

At a Loss - Joe Hagmann Passes Away at 36



Iraq sets up 'loophole' in US    

sanctions to buy Iranian power

How migrant ship captain became         

hero and villain in Mediterranean drama

Mexican president says he would like to  

disband the nation's army

Escobar: Contrast Between          

Russia-India-China & Trump Could

Not Be Starker

Georgia Court System Hit By 

Ransomware Attack

Buffett Donates $3.6 Billion To    

5 Foundations In Biggest Gift Yet

Portland milkshake dealer denies

adding concrete to drinks to harm Proud Boys

Russia proposes prisoner 

swap with U.S. - Ifax

Border crossing shut down after                    

'large and unruly group' forms in Mexico

AOC says migrants forced to 

drink toilet water after tense border visit

Trump, Kim To Restart Nuclear        

Talks After Historic Meeting In DMZ

Trump: Iran is 'playing with fire'

Trump Administration To Put $3 Billion Into

Network Of Shelters For Migrant Children

SDF signs agreement with UN to rid 

its ranks of child soldiers

Body found in London garden may 

have plunged from airplane

Scores of children among casualties

in Kabul attack today – UNICEF

Haftar's forces step up air strikes

after loss of strategic city

Chinese military conducts anti-ship 

ballistic missile tests in the hotly 

contested South China Sea




Trump asks for military tanks on the          

Mall as part of grandiose July Fourth event

Hong Kong police fire tear gas       

as protesters vandalise legislature

Iran Breaches Bans on Enriched 

Uranium in Nuclear Escalation

Brexit: the awakening


Democrats skeptical of Trump outreach to Kim

Jerusalem Post Israel News 


February images by ImageSat Intl.

showed three of the four launchers

sent by Russia being erected.????????????

Painful video shows Ivanka Trump           

attempting to speak with G-20 diplomats

and being ignored

White House press secretary in extraordinary 'brawl'

with Kim Jong Un's minders:

Aide pushes henchmen aside and yells 'go, go'

at US camera crew trying to film Trump's historic

visit to North Korea

McGahn subpoena fight to test

limits of executive 'immunity'

Federal judge orders CBP to let

doctors into migrant children   

detention centers

Hong Kong braces for mass 

rally on China handover anniversary

Face-Reading AI Will Tell Police 

When Suspects Are Hiding Truth

American caravan arrives in      

Canada seeking cheaper insulin

Attacks from ISIS sleeper cells 

in Iraq and Syria could set the stage 

for a future land grab

Russia agrees with Saudi Arabia to 

extend OPEC output

Huawei’s CEO has a message  

for Canada: Join us and prosper 

in the 5G future

Opec weighs up the risks if    

Russia goes it alone on prices

Greece sees its future as the 

Florida of Europe

Why the Trump-Xi Pact Won’t End Trade Tension

Italy's Salvini slams Sea-Watch 

incident as     

'an act of war'

US deploys stealth fighters to 

Gulf amid Iran tensions

‘If You Want, I’ll Go On’: 

Trump’s Rambling News Conference

As U.S. And Taliban Resume Talks,  

More Deadly Attacks in Afghanistan

Sudan's army warns of violence   

during planned rallies

Beneath the smiles and handshakes, 

tensions simmer as world leaders meet for G20

Ebola fight ongoing amid evidence    

of ‘several massacres’ in DR Congo’s

Ituri province

Apple Moves Mac Pro Production to China

Kamala Harris raises $2 million 

in 24 hours after debate

Iran to soon exceed enriched       

uranium limit under nuclear pact:

Fars news agency

A Day After Bruising Debate,    

Biden Pushes Back Against Criticism

on Civil Rights

Trump To Unleash Hell On Europe After 

EU Announces Channel 

To Circumvent SWIFT 

And Iran Sanctions Is Now Operational

Crops Devastated As More Ferocious 

Storms Pound The Midwest: 

"Hard To Get Your Head Around 

Just How Bad It Is"

Border soldiers' deaths were suicides, 

medical examiner says??????????

Gaza arson balloons spark 14 fires;

IDF jeep set ablaze in border riots

Temperatures in France cross 45C                       

threshold for first time ever: Meteo France

Jimmy Carter Says Trump is an

Illegitimate President:

‘He Didn’t Actually Win the Election’



Fighting in northwest Syria kill scores of fighters

Suspected suicide bombings

in Philippine army camp kill 7

'Attempted coup' won't derail reforms: 

Ethiopian government

Iran sees some progress on nuclear deal, 

but not enough

Pentagon has developed a laser that can  

identify subjects from hundreds of meters

away based on their HEARTBEAT

4 Officer Suicides in 3 Weeks: N.Y.P.D.

Struggles to Dispel Mental Health Stigma

US House to pass Senate 

version of border funding

Putin Slams Attempts to Destroy WTO, 

Decrease Organisation's Influence

Nearly 40 kilos of cocaine found 

on military plane travelling 

with Brazilian president

Candidates slam Trump at Democratic debate,

but fight over racial issues, health care

Kamala Harris bashes Joe Biden over busing, 

segregationist senators: ‘it was hurtful’

'I did NOT know!' Bill de Blasio apologizes

after shouting Cuban revolutionary Che      

Guevara's favorite Communist           

slogan in Spanish at a Miami rally

Inside the Ring: Huawei’s Secret Back Doors

Democratic Debate Night 1 Gets 15.3M

Viewers Across NBC, MSNBC & Telemundo;

9M Watch Via Streaming

Will 2019 Be The Year That

Changes Everything?

VIDEO: African migrants raft cross

Mexico border — with no

National Guard in sight

Photos Reveal AOC Was Crying

Over An Empty Parking Lot

Nancy Pelosi Accepts Senate’s 

Migrant Funding Bill, Drops House’s

Radical Plan

First poll has Tulsi Gabbard as the

shock winner of the first Democratic

debate and Beto O'Rourke as the clear loser

U.S. Supreme Court blocks

Trump's census citizenship question, for now

Stickin' to His Guns? The NRA Helped Elect

Bernie Sanders to Congress. Now

He's Telling a Different Story.

Twitter to flag abusive tweets by 

world leaders in move that could impact Trump

Tulsi Gabbard Wrecks Dems With    

Powerful Anti-War Debate Answers

The Story of How One U.S. General 

Saved America from Defeat vs. North Korea

Australian student detained in 

North Korea was preparing to return home

SEALs defend Navy vet Edward Gallagher, 

contradict claims made by snipers

Jared Kushner: President Donald Trump   

will deliver better future for Palestinians

Military’s mission doesn’t include enforcement, 

so smugglers cross Rio Grande 

right in front of them

Thousands more National Guard 

troops to arrive in Tijuana

Maduro says he will be 'ruthless' 

if opposition attempts coup 
HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elizabeth Warren, rising in polls,

gets centre stage at Democratic debate

Poll: Americans Say We're Angrier 

Than A Generation Ago

First 2020 debate erupts into a fiery shouting 

match on immigration in wake of father 

and daughter's border deaths - 

and candidates compete to speak in Spanish - 

as Trump tweets 


Sick ISIS supporters threaten to

bomb London and New York

and attack a plane in chilling terror post

Venezuela government says it thwarted 'coup' plot

Leading 2020 Democrats Unified on      

Amnesty for Illegals Ahead of Debate

Iran Demands Full Withdrawal of   

American Forces from Middle East

Financial Blacklisting: Sleeping Giants 

and Soros-Backed Group Pressure 

Mastercard to Censor the Right

Mexican Officials Confirm U.S.  

Warned Them About Suspected

ISIS Terrorists Headed to Border

Fleeing regime, former Venezuelan

secret police chief Figuera turns up in U.S.

Powell says economy facing

growing uncertainties

Fed chief Jerome Powell just issued the strongest 

signal yet that the central bank will 

soon cut interest rates

AG Bill Barr killed 7 Robert Mueller lines of investigations 

— 10 days after he submitted his report

US border chief quits amid outcry 

over child detainees

Tehran says fresh US sanctions 

block path to diplomacy

Iran, Russia, China Continuing

Operations to Disrupt 2020 Elections

Trump: ‘I’m Ready’ for Iran

Google pulls videos accusing it of       

election manipulation from YouTube...

which it owns


Delete Social Media Accounts 

After James O’Keefe’s Latest Exposé

Democrats Get Go-Ahead to Probe 

President's Finances in Lawsuit

Russia warns build-up of US weapons

near its borders risks repeat of Cuban

missile crisis as Moscow warship

docks in Havana

China Tests New Helicopter Drone Slated 

For Service In South China Sea

2017 FLASHBACK HEADLINES...........................

Cheney, Rothschild, and Fox News’ 

Murdoch to drill for oil in Syria, 

violating international law

Lebanon prepares for Syria’s   

post-war construction windfall



What Is the Endgame in Idlib, Syria’s    

Largest Remaining Rebel Enclave?

Eve of Destruction: Iran Strikes Back

U.S. company making $750 per day, 

per child to keep immigrant children

in ‘prison-like’ conditions

Israeli F-16s Smashed a Syrian Missile

Complex (And Russia Held Its Fire)

Pelosi and Schumer Slam

President Trump's Threatened Deportations

Insider Blows Whistle & Exec Reveals     

Google Plan to Prevent "Trump situation"

in 2020 on Hidden Cam 

China bars Hong Kong issue from G20 summit

BRICS leaders to meet on sidelines  

of G20 summit in Osaka — document

Mike Pence Was Asked If Climate Change        

Is A Threat & His Answer Was Pretty Awkward

Three  carriers 

ready to help resolve

Georgia-Russia crisis

Turkey's Erdogan looks vulnerable

after Istanbul embarrassment

Pilot dies, another survives 

after German Eurofighter jets collide

Jussie Smollett news: Chicago police

release investigative files, video of    

alleged staged attack on 'Empire' actor

Congress Seeks to Make Iran     

Pay For Downed American Drone

Pompeo: Iran-Orchestrated Attack      

on Saudi Airport Threatens Americans

US imposes new, 'hard-hitting' 

sanctions on Iran

Trump blinks on immigration, 

failing his supporters one more time

Maine Needed New, Young Residents. 

African Migrants Began Arriving by the Dozens.

Opposition win in Istanbul a 

blow to Turkey’s Erdogan

Escobar: One Quadrillion Reasons Why

Washington Fears Iran's

"Maximum Counter-Pressure"

Russia disposes of Ukrainian submarine 

seized during annexation of Crimea

West African task force says troops 

killed 42 Islamic State fighters near Lake Chad

Separtners: Pompeo on tour to    

find global coalition against Iran

Chinese contractors held as 

toll in Cambodia building collapse rises to 24

Sanders to propose canceling entire

$1.6 trillion in US student loan debt

Woman wakes up 'all alone' on parked ' 

cold dark' Air Canada plane after crew 

fails to spot sleeping passenger

New Zealand man dies in moped

accident in Croatia

Abbas: Palestine will not accept

White House's investment plan

Acting DHS Chief 'Sabotaged' ICE Raids 

By Leaking Plan To Washington Post

Mysterious Flying Objects Over Kansas 

Turn Out To Be Top-Secret DARPA Experiment

Under Trump, U.S. military ramps up cyber 

offensive against other countries 
"The other side thought they could just 

walk all over us," said one expert. 

"There was a decision in this administration 

to impose consequences."

Ethiopia's army chief, three others 

killed in failed coup attempt

In border camps, Syrians rely on 

doctors in trucks and tents

Democrats give Trump trade chief high marks

Iran warns of risk of conflict, 

Trump sees scope for deal

Hypersonic Missiles Are Unstoppable.

And They’re Starting a New Global Arms Race.
MORE SCARE TACTICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FOLKS

AP sources: US struck Iranian 

military computers this week-LMAO

New documents revisit questions about 

Rep. Ilhan Omar's marriage history

U.S. 'Launched Cyberattack On Iran' 

After Drone Shoot-Down

American Communists unite behind Green New Deal

Sudan protesters accept Ethiopia

proposal for political transition

Georgia Stages Protests While Its 

Relations With Russia Are in a Tailspin

Activists just exposed the brutal treatment

of child detainees at

Texas Border Patrol station

Who Gets to Own the West?

White House's Kushner unveils 

economic portion of Middle East peace plan

Kushner to Unveil ‘Economic Vision’ for 

Palestinian Territories

Google Chrome has become 

surveillance software. It’s time to switch.

Iran executes ‘CIA spy in airforce’ 

just days after shooting down US drone

"Come Heavily Armed":

Oregon Senator Threatens Violence

As Governor Hunts Down Lawmakers

The People Are Fleeing

Syrian refugee arrested in plot to bomb 

Pittsburgh church for ISIS, feds say

Deepfake Technology Can Put  

Words In Anyone's Mouth – Even Yours

Texas Governor Orders 1000      

National Guard Troops to Border

Ben Shapiro Upset That Trump Didn’t Order 

the Slaughter of Hundreds of People For No Reason

Michael Moore Panics Over  

Trump’s Growing Following

Surge of Haitians arrested at southern border

Putin bans Russian airlines from 

flying to Georgia

Three dead, dozens feared buried 

in Cambodia building collapse

Spain's "Wolf Pack" found guilty 

of rape in landmark ruling

U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights 

Michelle Bachelet waves 

as she exits the Simon Bolivar International 

Airport in Maiquetia, 

VenezuelaUN Human Rights Team Based in 

Venezuela to Monitor Situation

Trump must retaliate against Iran   

to deter China, Russia and N Korea:

Top GOP Rep.

Kim, Xi reach consensus, to develop 

relations no matter the int'l situation - KCNA

Iran's Mad Max Navy Might Just 

Drive Donald Trump Crazy in a War

Something Isn't Right In The 

"Greatest Economy Ever" 

As American Suicide Rates Hit WWII Levels

Algerian protesters hold 

demonstrations despite arrests

US forces prepare to evacuate 

contractors from Iraqi base — Reuters

Blocking Saudi arms sales,      

the Senate endangers civilians

and a critical alliance

Amazon Patents Creepy Drone     

Technology To Spy On Your Home

DHS Data Shows High Numbers Of 

Criminal Illegal Migrants In Caravans

Deportation crackdown expected to start in Miami 

— and these other cities — on Sunday

ICE to launch mass raids targeting 

undocumented families on Sunday

17 illegals wander through military 

bombing range

Border Patrol Wants Robots that 

Can Go Underground and Report Back

Trump Approves Strikes on Iran,

but Then Abruptly Pulls Back

"We Were Cocked & Loaded"


Explains Why He Called Off

Iran Strikes In Last Moment

Honduran president sends military 

as protests continue

How To Avoid A War With Iran

Two Chicago-area men convicted of providing support to Islamic State

EU fails to agree on plan for 

carbon neutral economy by 2050

Medic stuns courtroom saying he

killed prisoner, not Navy SEAL on trial

Government freezes new arms licences for       

Saudi Arabia after court rules them unlawful

amid war crime allegations

Heavy Fighting in Syria; War of Words

Between U.S. and Iran;

Erdogan Does Not Expect U.S. Sanctions

Russia develops brand new laser weapon

for combat duty amid US tension

Georgia police fire rubber bullets on

anti-government protesters

Walmart to pay $282 million to settle

seven-year global corruption probe

Iran shoots down US surveillance drone,

heightening tensions

Trump says public will 'find out' 

about U.S. response to Iran downing

American drone

Trump warns that Iran 'made a very big mistake'

US oil surges 5.4% to settle at $56.65 after 

Trump says Iran made a ‘very big mistake’

Pilot was unconscious, slumped over 

before plane crashed into Atlantic Ocean, NTSB says

Time Is Running Out to Stop an 

Ebola Epidemic 
A mass exodus from the 

Democratic Republic of Congo could be catastrophic.

Hundreds of Thousands Flee Congo Violence, 

in Region Afflicted by Ebola

City of Goma braces itself for Ebola outbreak     
At least 1,365 people have died since the 

Ebola outbreak began last August

What Really Happened to Malaysia’s

Missing Airplane

8 Reasons A Huge Gold-Mania Is About To Begin

NBC News: Hillary Clinton ‘Covered Up’

Pedophile Ring At State Department

New Zealand launches gun buy-back 

scheme for weapons banned 

after Christchurch attack

Iran claims to have shot down USA drone 

in Iranian airspace

Dear Central Bankers: Prepare To Be 

Swept Away In The Next Wave Of Populism

UN Human Rights chief arrives in 

Venezuela to probe crisis

U.N. Reveals Contents of Secret Tape

of Khashoggi’s Brutal Last Moments

Russia's Most Modern Warship And Its Escorts 

Have Entered The Caribbean Sea

CA Voters Not Happy With Free Medical For Illegals

"Migration Is Part Of The Model": The Real Roots

Of Central America's Migrant Crisis

The 'World's Best' Spies Operating In Washington DC

‘Chill, Chill, Chill, Chill!’: Congressional 

Hearing Explodes As Witness Trashes Slavery

Reparations Bill

A swarm of 1,000 earthquakes hit

Southern California —

how nervous should we be?

The baby space race: Moscow scientist vows to ensure

the first child born in space is Russian - but admits she

is struggling to find volunteers for the project

A Second Term for What?

Hundreds of Thousands Flee Violence

in Northeast DR Congo: UN

New Clinton Email Review Reveals

'Multiple Security Incidents'

Pompeo To Present Military "Options"

To Trump As Iran Threatens Carriers

With "Precision" Ballistic Missiles

EU delays accession talks with 

N. Macedonia and Albania

Shanahan Withdraws From 

Consideration to Be U.S. Defense Secretary

Warren: ‘Trump Provoked’ Iran


Conservative Radio Host Has Doubts

About Trump. His Audience

Doesn’t Want to Hear It.

Trump creates doubt over use 

of U.S. force to protect Gulf oil

Fears for Merkel’s health after she 

violently shakes while meeting 

Ukrainian president

Facebook unveils ‘its most invasive 

and dangerous form of surveillance yet’

with launch of Libra cryptocurrency

Trump says US will

begin deporting millions

Trump Cuts Aid to 

Central America 

Over Migrants

Russia's 3-step plan for any military intervention

Iran and US move closer to a

flashpoint as tensions spike

US to send 1,000 additional troops

to the Middle East as tensions

escalate with Iran

Trump: "I Think I Know" Who Was 

Behind 9/11 Attacks

Are Microsoft & The Pentagon  

Quietly Hijacking US Elections?

The "Mass Shootings Map" Propaganda           

Should Convince You To Carry At All Times
HERE WE GO FOLKS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Cotton: Iran’s Unprovoked Attacks            

‘Warrant a Retaliatory Military Strike’

Schiff: Evidence of Iran Being Behind

Tanker Attacks Is ‘Very Strong’

California governor says Republican 

Party is headed 'into the waste bin of history'

54 Jimmy Buffett fans from US fell ill         

during group trip to Dominican Republic,

travel agent says

This year's wildfire season in California     

could be worse than last year's, 

officials warn

Ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi 'collapses

and dies in court'
CLAIMS I KNOW SECRETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THEN DIES......................................................................

Russia warns of “cyberwar” following report

the US attacked its power grid

Trump says ‘I think I know’    

who was behind 9/11 attacks

China throws support behind embattled 

Hong Kong chief executive as protests mount

Yemen's Houthi rebels accused of 

diverting food aid from hungry

Comcast Launches Eye Control For The TV,

An Aid For Physically Disabled Viewers

Gunman shot dead after 

opening fire on Dallas federal courthouse...

Iran reveals it will break America’s 

uranium stockpile limits within 

10 DAYS dramatically ramping 

up tensions with Trump

Africans coming across southern

border have ‘rolls of $100 bills’

Massive Blackout Hits More 

Than 44 Million In South America

Sudan’s Bashir appears in public 

for first time since ouster

Yemeni Houthi Rebels Stage 4th 

Attack on Saudi Arabia's 

Abha Airport in 7 Days

refugees in Lebanon and Jordan still          

trapped in limbo by Trump's travel ban -

Mexico steps up revisions 

amid US pressure over migrant flow

Swindled Out Of $3.2 Trillion

Moscow warns against 

'baseless accusations' 

over tanker attacks

Record number of African migrants 

coming to Mexican border

"It's Going To Be A Train Wreck": 

Farmers Say Corn Crop Far Worse 

Than USDA Estimates

Sweden: Strong Explosion in 

Vicinity of Church

"Treason!" NYT Story Reveals US 

Cyber Ops Against Russian Power Grid 

Hidden From Trump

Russia Slams CBS News For Cooperating 

With Syrian Al-Qaeda In Idlib

Turkey's Erdogan Says S-400s 

Delivery Starting In July

US, NATO Consumed By 

"Black Sea Madness"

Massive electrical failure cuts      

power to Argentina and Uruguay

Israeli PM's wife sentenced for 

misusing state funds

UK plans to deploy marines to 

Persian Gulf: report

Hong Kong's protesters find ways to 

outwit the surveillance state

Trump Warns of Epic Stock 

Market Crash If He's Not Re-Elected

U.S. Escalates Online Attacks 

on Russia’s Power Grid

Dengue cases up 149 percent in Brazil,

most in the southeast

Alex Jones offers $1M reward as 

FBI investigates child pornography 

planted on his Infowars server

UAE participates in Fifth Summit of 

Conference on Interaction 

and Confidence-Building Measures in Asia

Iran Summons Britain's Ambassador 

to Tehran About Tankers

Trump campaign zeroes in on a new threat:

Elizabeth Warren

Bowing to pressure, Hong Kong 

leader suspends extradition bill

African migrants pass through 

San Antonio and swiftly fan out 

across the country

Amanda Knox, exonerated of murder,

returns to Italy

Mnuchin Breaks No Law By Refusing to Provide 

Trump’s Taxes to Congress - Justice Dept

UK court sets Assange US 

extradition hearing for February 2020

Trump in testy exchange with Stephanopoulos: 

'You're being a little wise guy'

5,200 people in ICE custody 

quarantined for exposure to 

mumps or chicken pox

Migrants complain of poor conditions 

at US holding centers

Hong Kong media reports

extradition bill to be suspended

WHO says Ebola not global emergency, 

despite spread to Uganda

BREAKING: Arrest Made in 

Arkansas Senators Murder

India vs. Pakistan: The Two 

Nations That Might Start a Nuclear War?

The Saudi-led coalition struck Houthi air-defense 

systems in the Yemeni capital of 

Sana'a early Saturday morning, according to 

reports from a Saudi state television outlet.

Venezuela crisis: Migrants dash to 

cross Peru border

Feds to warn immigrants about welfare use 
USCIS chief says sponsors will pay 

back 'every dollar' immigrants use

Ebola outbreak in

five graphics

Pope begs climate deniers to 

listen to science

Indian migrant girl died in Arizona

desert as mother sought water

O’Rourke: Trump Admin Is 

‘Gunning for War in Iran’

Trump team weighs options against 

Iran after tanker explosions but 

downplays war threat

Tehran billboard shows destroyed US,       

Israeli ships, reads: ‘We drowned them all’

House Reps Demand Twitter 

Ban Hamas Accounts

China Tests New Sub-Launched 

Strategic Missile

New Zealand mosque gunman pleads not guilty,

trial date set for May 4, 2020

Sudan army rulers admit dispersing sit-in

China is courting trouble in Hong Kong

Israeli warplanes strike Gaza 

after closing offshore waters

Alan Dershowitz Declares He 

Would Support Biden Over Trump in 2020

FEC chairwoman warns candidates 

not to accept help from foreign governments

Pompeo: Iran Responsible for 

Oil Tanker Attacks

Tankers struck near Strait of Hormuz; 

US blames Iran

Gulf of Oman attack – US says Iran is 

behind ‘torpedo’ attack on American-linked 

oil tanker and bombing of second ship

Iran responsible for 'blatant assault' 

on oil tankers in Gulf of Oman, Mike Pompeo says

The Blame Game, Part 2: Pakistan

Iran spurns Japan's efforts for 

mediation with US

Second Ebola death confirmed in Uganda



DHS Frees 8.5K Illegal Aliens in 

Eight Days; 204.5K Released in Half a Year

America Is Stuck With a $400 

Billion Stealth Fighter That Can’t Fight

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is leaving 

the White House at the end of the month,

Trump says

How Iran’s startup sector can        

realize its potential??????????????

Trump’s trade policy is leading to spiral    

of ‘endless conflicts and wars’, says Putin

Federal Spending Tops $3 Trillion

Through May for First Time;

Deficit Hits $738 Billion

Fascist Twitter Locks Out Project Veritas

After O’Keefe Exposes Pinterest’s

Censorship of Pro-Life Sites

Chopper crash raises old question:

How to secure NYC’s skies

What the Hell Is Going On

In the Dominican Republic?

Barbara Corcoran's Brother John Mysteriously

Found Dead in Dominican Republic Hotel Room

'I think I’d take it': In exclusive interview,

Trump says he would listen

if foreigners offered dirt on opponents

Fox News' Sean Hannity supported          

President Trump's comments Wednesday

that he would be

willing to listen to a foreign government

if they approached him with information

on a political opponent,

calling it a "genius setup" by the president.

BORDER CRISIS 550 African migrants were just 

caught in Texas. DHS head says they 

aren’t being screened for Ebola

Iran, Afghanistan Ink Pact to

Boost Nuke Production

Joe Biden tells 13-year-old's brothers    

to 'keep the guys away from your sister'

First reported Ebola death in Uganda  

as outbreak spreads from neighboring

Democratic Republic of Congo

A California desert town sees 

surge in migrants as border crisis worsens

Hong Kong protesters vow to keep 

fighting extradition law                 

Supersonic speeds could cause big         

problems for the F-35′s stealth coating

Hit the mute button: why everyone   

is trying to silence the outside world

Former Algerian Prime Minister held   

in custody over corruption allegations

White House asserts executive

privilege in census fight

Chief Justice John Roberts is 

about to show his cards

Uganda confirms Ebola 

case as virus jumps border


Private border wall group ordered 

to keep gate open

Ilhan Omar Ignores Request

for Tax Returns, 

but Demanded Trump’s

U.S.-Mexico Deal Will Not Impact 

Amnesty Pipeline for MS-13 Gang

EU Chiefs Tell Kushner: Peace Plan     

Has to Take Into Account Palestinians

and Israelis' Aspirations

Islamic State expands 

reach in Afghanistan,  

threatening West

Denver Police Testing Idea Of Civilian

Teams Responding To Some 911 Calls

Saturday: #ImpeachTrump Day of            

Action takes off, 133 events nationwide

Jon Stewart Receives FDNY Legend's Coat

In Emotional Moment Before Blasting

Lawmakers At 9/11 Hearing

Tech Insider Blows Whistle on How Pinterest 

Listed Top Pro-Life Site as Porn, 

“Bible Verses” Censored

Top Execs of 180 Companies: 

Abortion Necessary to Be  

Successful in Business




The killing of protesters in Sudan

In California, Illegals Come First; 

Californians Don't Matter

Iran Calls For 'Elimination' Of Dollar 

To Stop US 'Economic Terrorism'




U.S. Commander Weighs an 

Expanded Mideast Force to Counter Iran

Photos of travellers to US

hacked in data breach

Government Attack in Yemen; 

Attacks on a Saudi Military Airport; 

Russia Will Keep Track of NATO’s Maneuvers

Fourth mystery death in Dominican Republic

as US tourist ‘urinates blood and dies        

after drinking one whisky at luxury resort’

Why did a helicopter fly through 

NYC airspace in rain and fog? 

‘We’re not sure’

Pilot Killed When Helicopter Crash-Lands 

on Roof of Midtown High-Rise

North Korean Leader’s Slain Half 

Brother Was a CIA Source

The Tyranny Of TAPS -

Hunting Down

'Future Threats'

The Next BIG Artificial    

Intelligence Stock Story?

A Google Cloud outage knocked           

huge portions of the internet offline

Trump: Will 'seriously look' at 

banning gun silencers

Trump Signals He’ll Consider Silencer Ban. 

Here’s Why He Probably Won’t.

Trump Rampages Over NYT Story

On Mexico Tariffs: ‘They Are Truly

The Enemy of the People!’

MSM Mourns Death Of 

CIA-Backed Syrian Al-Qaeda/ISIS Ally

Senate Democrats Demand Amnesty

For Foreign Nationals

'Four dead' as anti-army unrest 

rocks Sudan cities

Thousands march in Haiti to     

demand president's resignation

Hundreds Arrested in Kazakhstan 

as Demonstrators Protest Presidential Vote

Kim Dotcom makes final extradition         

appeal in NZ to avoid US Megaupload trial

Democrats slam Trump’s use of 

trade threats against Mexico

Qatar says US needs Palestinians on board for Middle East peace plan 

Singapore is top source of foreign 

direct investment into India

Hong Kong plunged into political crisis       

after huge protest against extradition law

China warns major tech giants      

of consequences if they cooperate

with Trump's ban

Hillary Clinton says her youngest 

brother has died

Thousands of Venezuelans pour into            

Colombia after partial border reopening

Southern California earthquake    

swarm takes an unexpected turn,

and that’s reason to worry

Mexico Claims Some Migrant Caravan

Funding Came from U.S., England    

City of SA opens second migrant 

resource center

Congolese Migrants Move Back to

Travis Park Church After Hail Storm

HUNDREDS OF ILLEGALS FROM                   

350 more on way –

major threat ignored by mainstream media

ISIS plotted to smuggle terrorists   

into the US over the Mexico border 

to launch terror attacks, 

captured jihadi reveals

Plan B Morning-After Pill Flying Off 

Shelves As States Move To Tighten

Abortion Laws 


Why Some Americans Won’t Move, 

Even for a Higher Salary

Earth EXODUS: Plan to alter Earth’s            

ORBIT to escape being eaten by dying Sun

High Wind Delays Retrieval 

of Climbers' Bodies in India

Drone attacks target Jizan airport 

in Saudi Arabia - al masirah tv

The Pentagon's New Strategy For 

The Indo-Pacific Region

President Trump Take The Key 

From Bill Binney & Kirk Wiebe 

To End The Coup

Ex-Daesh Fighter Reveals Terror Plot 

to Infiltrate US Through Mexico

Donald Trump possesses this 

document along with

Flynn, Mattis, Cohen 

and others!

Weapons worth $8B headed to            

Middle East over Congress' objections

Currency War Next? Yuan Tumbles After 

PBOC Governor Says "Tremendous"

Room To Ease Monetary Policy   

Trump: Deal Reached With Mexico

"To Stem The Tide Of Migration",  

Tariffs Suspended

Two Former Republican Lawmakers        

Found Shot Dead At Home In Same Week

US Farms Are Facing Their Worst Crisis  

In A Generation... 

And Now Here Comes Another Monster Storm

Whatever Happened to That Rush 

to War With Iran?

Inside the Ring: Obama and

Russian Collusion

Bangladeshi immigrant charged     

with planning Times Square attack

Putin stands by China, criticizes

U.S. in trade, Huawei disputes

Venezuelan right wing negotiates in  

Oslo after failed coup attempt

U.N.: Four Million Venezuelans 

Have Fled Crisis

US Defense Secretary unveils plans  

to phase Turkey out of F-35 program

Ethiopian leader bids to broker peace deal

BUSTED: White House caught blocking

intelligence aide’s testimony on a              

‘possibly catastrophic’ disaster-Here we GO!

Trump says US, Mexico reach agreement 

on migration and tariffs 

‘indefinitely suspended’

Dow jumps 260 points, posts best 

week since November after jobs 

report spurs rate-cut hopes

Russian and US warships 'nearly collide'

in 'dangerous' and 'unsafe' manoeuvring

An Interview with Abu Huzaifa, 

Canadian ISIS Fighter

ISIS plotted to send westerners to

US through Mexico border: report


US military airstrike kills

six militants in Somalia

“Massacre” in Sudan: Protesters

Continue Call for Civilian Rule

After Military Kills 100+ 

No meeting planned between India,

Pakistan PMs at regional summit:    

India foreign ministry

Buttigieg: ‘Stacey Abrams Ought to Be 

the Governor of Georgia’

New Orleans music icon Dr John dies at 77

Morgan Hill Entrepreneur Envisions        

Steel-Framed Homes In Age Of Wildfires

Schrier (D): Republicans Conflate ‘Heartbeat with a Soul’

D-Day at 75: Nations honor veterans, 

memory of fallen      

Venezuela, now a top source of 

US asylum claims, poses a 

challenge for Trump

Congress to Block Trump Admin’s 

Anti-Iran Arm Sales to Saudi Arabia, UAE

John Kerry Denies Back-Channeling with Iran: 

‘I Have Not Said a Word, Substantively’

Egyptian Forces Kill 14 Suspected 

Militants After Sinai Checkpoint Attack

EU Limits Visas to Countries Not 

Accepting Immigrant Returns

500 African Migrants Apprehended 

Since May 30 in Single Border Patrol Sector

TSA allowing illegal migrants to

fly without proper documents

'Wake up call': 1M new STD infections daily

Donald Trump threatens to hit China  

with $300bn more tariffs after Beijing

brands America ‘evil’

A New Surveillance Tool Is Coming 

to U.S. Skies

At least one West Point cadet killed,        

more than 20 injured in rollover crash

Record number of undocumented immigrants 

flooded the southern border in May

Putin tests ‘world’s fastest missile 

capable of reaching 9,000mph’ 

to stop Western attacks

US military personnel ordered to paint border

barriers to improve 'aesthetic appearance'

The Truth Behind Syria’s Oil Tanker Attacks

Syrian Kurds send 8 American women,

children captured with ISIS back to the US

The battle for Libya's oil wealth 

is set to intensify

US Army Officer Urges "Swift,

Responsible Disengagement" From Afghanistan

Ohio House Urges Feds To Designate 

Mexican Drug Cartels Foreign 

Terrorist Organization

In Major Provocation To China,

US Prepares To Sell $2 Billion 

In Weapons To Taiwan

Denmark's Social Democrats on 

Track to Return to Power After PM Concedes

Trump administration suspends U.S. educational 

programs for migrant children

‘The rats are abandoning the ship’:

Lawmaker says Maduro losing          

Russian support

The US Has Offered Turkey Several

Substitutes for the Russian S-400     

Systems and Has Issued a New Ultimatum

Pelosi tells Dems she wants to 

see Trump ‘in prison

Will the EU Kill Video Streaming?

YouTube to ban 'hateful,'

'supremacist' videos

The 8 Senate races likely to             

determine control of the chamber

Ebola patients escape quarantine 

unit on motorbikes to attend 

busy prayer meeting

3 Ebola patients escape quarantine 

in large Congolese city amid growing outbreak

Nothing Found In Truck Searched 

At Bluegrass Station

Alex Jones Show-CaptainRoyD (6/3/19)

Islamic State claims deadly attack 

in east Congo's Ebola zone

Ebola Cases Soar Past 2,000 

in Democratic Republic of Congo

Parkland Officer Arrested for 

Neglect of Child, 

Culpable Negligence

Czech protesters demand billionaire  

prime minister steps down

Sudan’s Protesters Reject Military  

Plan a Day After Bloody Crackdown

Syrian fighters burning crops,       

using food as 'weapon of war' - U.N.

When a young Joe Biden used his 

opponent's age against him

Watchdog says FBI has access to about

640M photographs

Number of Homeless People Jumps         

12% Across L.A. County to Nearly 59,000

NWO Insider Killed After  

This Leak! Final Warning!

China encourages social credit incentives

Iran Hawks Prep Final Push to

Dismantle Nuclear Deal

RECALL ALERT: 100,000 pounds of 

sausages recalled nationwide, 

may contain ‘hard green plastic’

Italian PM gives ultimatum to coalition: 

Stop fighting or I'll quit

House Democrats Seek to Kill 

Small Nuclear Warhead

Pompeo Calls on China to Disclose

Tiananmen Massacre Details

Ukraine's new president seeks

pro-Western course, peace with Russia

Antitrust troubles snowball for tech 

giants as lawmakers join in

Quake swarm unleashes 400 tiny temblors on

Southern California. What does it mean?

Socialism debate roils Democratic primary

Trump administration halts cruises 

to Cuba under new rules

Most violent weekend in Chicago this year:

At least 52 shot, 8 fatally
WHERE ARE THE DEMS ON THIS!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????????

Attacker blows himself up after

killing 3 troops in Lebanon    

"Minority Report" Moment Arrives:                       

Amazon, Facebook Reading Human Emotions

Reclusive Millionaire Warns:

"Get Out of Cash Now"

Shocking New Report Exposes

How Chinese Companies Are   

Dodging US Tariffs




Kevin Spacey Wants Assault Case Dropped

Over Erased Evidence; Trial Set For Fall 2019

U.S. probe of Google's online ad 

dominance would appease long 

suffering rivals, publishers

The Queen's been fantastic

Colorado Springs military service 

member found dead in Nogales, Arizona

Marine says he fired weapon on       

Mexican border after being attacked

Russia Pulls Military Personnel Out of 

Venezuela, Trump Says

Militants in Syria shell 13 settlements 

in past 24 hours — Russian 

reconciliation center

Every Muslim minister in Sri Lanka 

resigns following crackdown

Sudan troops move to crush 

pro-democracy camp, killing dozens

Longtime South Florida Reporter, Anchor 

Todd Tongen Found Dead

Did The Government Just Test 

The Internet Kill Switch?

Lebanon = Hezbollah

Figure linked to Trump transition charged 

with transporting child pornography

Quest Diagnostics Says Up to 12 Million 

Patients May Have Had 

Financial, Medical, 

Personal Information Breached

Julian Assange's father reveals 

secrets from inside the Ecuadorian embassy

Donald Trump to Mexico:

‘We Want Action, Not Talk’

Trump Claims Russia, Syria, Iran 

'Bombing the Hell Out' of Idlib, Urges to Stop

Two militants gunned down in J&K’s Shopian

Russia Withdraws Key Defense Advisers in Venezuela

"It's All A Fraud": Deceptive Edits 

Found In Mueller Report




DNA Test Confirms Mollie Tibbetts’ 

Blood in Illegal Alien’s Trunk

Illegal Aliens Get Minimum Sentences

for Killing Couple, Raping 12-Year-Old

From ‘young blood’ transfusions to apocalypse

insurance – weird ways tech billionaires are    

trying to live forever

Donald Trump gets slick new hair do 

just in time to meet the Queen

Google’s Dominance Is No Longer a Sure Thing

O’Rourke: Our Immigration System

Can Handle More Migrants

U.S. prepared to talk to Iran without 

'pre-conditions', Iran sees 'word-play'

Schiff says Mueller has 1 more duty left

Illinois man set for trial in missing 

Chinese scholar case

Iran will use 'whatever missiles it wants'

to stop U.S. aggression,

foreign minister warns

Donald Trump is like a 20th-century fascist,

says Sadiq Khan

Tourists panic as cruise ship slams 

into Venice wharf

INSIGHT-Palestinians say U.S. '

deal of the century' will finish off their state

10 killed, 20 wounded in twin

Daesh car bombing in Syria’s Raqqa

UK Border Force Intercepts 74 Migrants

Trying to Cross English Channel



Trump's reliance on pressure

tactics is showing diminishing returns

Experts warns of ‘epidemic’ of     

bugging devices used by stalkers

Tropical threat may brew in

Gulf of Mexico as Atlantic      

hurricane season officially begins

Pilot of small private plane which

nosedived into the ocean named

Illinois officials clarify Ebola quarantine policy

Illinois Nurses Demand Tougher 

Ebola Safety Precautions

Nurses cast doubts on Ebola plans 

in Chicago, nationwide

Not just a drill: Sacred Heart Medical Center 

simulates transporting patients with Ebola 

to new special pathogens unit

Congo Ebola response must be elevated 

to maximum level, UN told

CDC epidemiologist Timothy Cunningham was reported

missing in February 

and his body was pulled from the

Chattahoochee River

in Atlanta more than seven weeks later -

Ebola drills held statewide including 

Mercy and Cox Hospitals

EBOLA CONCERNS in Texas after             

Illegals from Congo Cross Border into US

Los Angeles sues Germany’s Bayer 

for decades-old contamination 

by Monsanto chemicals

U.N. Special Rapporteur Calls for  

Julian Assange to Be Freed, Citing

“Psychological Torture”

Pilot of the small private plane that

nosedived into the ocean off the Florida

coast as it was approached                    

by two F-15s for failing to communicate

13 dead, including gunman, in

shooting at Virginia Beach Municipal Center

Justice Department Is Preparing

Antitrust Investigation of Google

Facebook lawyer says users

‘have no expectation of privacy’

Brazil snubs Venezuelan opposition 

envoy to avoid escalating border tensions

Mysterious flashes of light

observed on the moon’s surface

Trump tariff threats alarm    

Mexico growers, economists

Homeless People In Fremont Found

Living In Makeshift Tree Houses

Democratic Frontrunner Joe Biden Gets

a D-Minus from Greenpeace, But No One Cares

Hondurans protest education reform,

spark fire in front of US Embassy

Kim Jong-un 'ordered the execution

of US nuclear envoy' in purge           

of officials after failure of Hanoi summit

Nancy Pelosi jokes about Melania as

she rips into Donald Trump's immigration policy

Barr says Mueller 

"could've reached a decision" 

on whether Trump obstructed justice

Saudi King Salman Urges 

International Effort to Thwart Iran

Trump administration takes step 

toward replacing NAFTA

Barack Obama Paid $600,000 

For Single Speech in Bogotá, Colombia

U.S. Top Security Adviser Says

Threat From Iran Is Not Over

Trump hitting Mexico with 5%

tariff in response to migrants

U.S. Measles Outbreaks Hit Highest Level 

in More Than 25 Years

Indiana salmon hatchery to raise nation's

first genetically modified animal

cleared for human consumption

Trump Finally Has the Wind at his Back

US Universities And Retirees Are Funding 

The Technology Behind China’s Surveillance State

DRC 2018 Ebola outbreaks:

Crisis update - May 2019

White House Wanted USS John McCain 

‘Out of Sight’ During Trump Japan Visit

Trump Adviser Bolton: Iranian

Threat Persists Despite US Actions

Why the Houthi drone strikes 

targeted Saudi oil facilities

Afghan Politicians, Taliban Cite

'Tremendous Progress' During  

Moscow Peace Talks

F-35 Dogfight Accidentally                  

Resulted in a Sky Penis, Officials Say

ISS faces mounting threat of being

struck by Indian satellite junk

The failed coup against 

Donald Trump

Pelosi Applauds Mueller For Providing    

‘Record’ For ‘Future Action’ By Congress

Mueller's statement fuels                

impeachment push on Capitol Hill

Mueller says charging Trump wasn't an 'option',

won't comment beyond his report
The special counsel, speaking publicly for the first time,

said in a statement that he

was bound by Justice Department policy.

Top US and Russian diplomats

discussed ways to end Syria war

‘Devastating’: Internet reacts as Mueller

blows a massive hole in GOP’s 

‘no obstruction’ 


Shocking video captures the moment

a man sets himself on fire and calmly

strolls around a lawn outside the            

White House - while police frantically 

try to douse the flames engulfing his body

Netanyahu’s Wife Agrees to    

Plead Guilty in Catering Case

Nancy Pelosi: Doctored Videos Show  

Facebook 'Willing Enablers' of Russians in 2016

Russia 'probably' violating nuclear 

test ban treaty, top US official says

Hungary: Several dead, 

missing after boat sinks on the Danube

Turkey frees US scientist but tensions remain

Louisiana joins hard line front against abortion

Cleric: Muslims ‘Have a Duty’ to

Obtain Nuclear Weapons   

Supreme Court signals more openness 

to state abortion rules

Another loss for Macron as far-right 

wins EU elections again

Troops Target Military Posts 

Amid Continued Weapons Tests by 

India and Pakistan

Prosecutor blames corporate greed

for US opioid crisis as Johnson & Johnson trial begins

US says N.Korea program violates

UN resolutions, after Trump tweet

Morgan Stanley says economy is on ‘recession watch’ 

as bond market flashes warning tml

U.S. service members seen wearing

MAGA-inspired patches at Trump   

speech may have violated DOD rules

After several quiet years, tornadoes 

erupt in United States

Sanders: Government-Run

Single Payer Health Care Would

Require Income

and Payroll Tax Increases

Is The US On The Cusp Of War In Iran?

'No country is safe': Thailand intensifies   

efforts to avert 'pig ebola' virus 

killing millions of swine in Asia

Villagers kill Ebola health worker

in eastern DR Congo

Lake Mai-Ndombe accident: 45 dead, 200 missing in DR Congo 

Yemen update: UNICEF chief condemns                   

attack in Taiz that claims lives of seven children

France opposes death penalty for

French Isis fighters in Iraq       

UN Strengthens Measures to

Combat Ebola Epidemic in DR Congo

Another 40 inmates killed in 

Brazil prison clashes

President Xi sends congratulatory 

letter to CIFTIS

A Colorado Climber Has Become the 

Latest to Die After Reaching the 

Top of Mount Everest

Maduro Believes in Finding Peaceful      

Solution to Venezuelan Conflict in Oslo

Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kurz 

ousted in no-confidence vote   

16 injured in stabbing,

suspect also injured

‘Wow, what is that?’ Navy pilots report

unexplained flying objects                  



'American Soil' Is                     

Increasingly Foreign Owned

Merkel's coalition in crisis talks

after EU vote debacle            

European Elections Deepen Divisions

in National Capitals

Macron vs. Salvini: Two                 

leaders face off over EU’s future

13 News Items That Will Make You Want    

to Cower Under a Warm Blanket and Await

the Inevitability of Civilizational Doom

Time for Iran's generals to wake up

Trump strikes dovish tone on North Korea

and Iran ahead of talks with Abe in Tokyo

Eric Swalwell explains why Democrats 

are holding off on Trump impeachment

Aide to winning BJP candidate 

Smriti Irani shot dead


EF3 Tornado Devastates Motel,

Trailer Park in El Reno, Oklahoma;

Two People Killed

Rolling To A Halt: Memorial Day              

Motorcycle Rally Ends 30-Year Tradition

In Baltimore and Beyond,               

a Stolen N.S.A. Tool Wreaks Havoc

China's robot censors crank up  

as Tiananmen anniversary nears

Sex robot THREAT: AI girlfriends

'indistinguishable from humans' 

after major 5G upgrade                 
YUP 1984!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Dozen Fighter Jets & Drone Fleet 

Sent To Counter 

"Escalating Campaign By Iran"

Sen. Sanders vows to 'prevent' 

Trump, Bolton from waging war with Iran

Russian Troops Helping Venezuela

Amid US Threats

Hillary Clinton Accuses Trump And     

'Cronies' Of Distributing 'Sexist Trash'

In Nancy Pelosi Viral Videos

Kartarpur corridor: Army bunker razed for construction

FIRED UP, READY TO GO? Angry Hillary energizes

1,500 Dems in Texas

US moves to strengthen forces

in Middle East to counter Iran

French police hunt bomber who 

planted device in Lyon

U.S. Commander: Al Qaeda              

Operating ‘Across’ Afghanistan

Congress Seeks to Stop Feds From Releasing 

Convicted Terrorists From Prison 

Early for Good Behavior

Trump's allies insist he is winning

in feud with Pelosi. Her backers     

say she showed up the president.

Unrelenting heat wave to break records 

daily in Southeast into,     

beyond Memorial Day

US orders new troops to Middle East 

to counter Iran 'threat'         

US shutters large migrant facility 

in Texas amid flu outbreak

"GlobalCoin" - Facebook Aims To Launch        

Payments-Focused Cryptocurrency In 2020

Dow rises nearly 100 points, but    

posts longest weekly losing streak since 2011

EU votes as populists seek 

historic breakthrough

2,000 POUNDS OF HOT DOGS                          


CrossFit Shutters Facebook, 

Instagram Accounts Amid 

Data Privacy Concerns

Scientists predict the ‘Big One’ will occur during

a ‘slow slip event’ on the West Coast – 

That is what is happening right now!

Trump Strikes Back

'This Is Big': 76 Retired US Generals 

and Diplomats Warn Trump Against War With Iran

Trump: 1,500 more troops to deploy to

Middle East

School students strike worldwide, 

demand action on climate change

What happens next with Brexit,      

now that Theresa May is resigning?

French police hunt suspect after

Lyon bomb 'attack'

Commerce Department Targets China 

With Proposed Tariffs On 

'Currency Manipulators'

Iran's Leadership "At Highest Level" 

Ordered Attacks On Pipeline, Tankers: Pentagon

House Judiciary Chairman Nadler 

Falls ill at Mayor de Blasio 

Event in Manhattan

Trump Bypasses Congress To Approve 

$8 Billion In Arms Sales To Saudi Arabia, UAE

Terror fears as nail bomb explosion 

injures 13 in Lyon

Impeach Bolsonaro? Just Five Months In,

Talk Has Already Begun 

As Ebola cases rise, so do worries of 

a cross-border epidemic


Monitored For Ebola On Texas Border

UN names Ebola chief to tackle

world's 2nd largest outbreak:    

'We have no time to lose'

“In limbo”: migrants stripped of leave      

to remain in the UK but can’t be removed

Trump moves to escalate investigation

of intel agencies

Trump: I Will Send Troops to

Counter Iran ‘If We Need Them’

Guaidó Out of Gas

Rockets hit hotel in Libyan capital

Russia to take counter-measures     

over US radar deployment in Norway

Sen. Feinstein Dines with Iranian 

FM Amid Tensions

The Next Economic Crisis And The

Looming Post-Multipolar System

Iran top military chief issues threat:

‘Our hands are on the trigger’     

Democrat longshots 'getting creative' in battle  

for final debate stage podium

Iran says it will not surrender 

even if it is bombed

NASA’s first-of-kind tests look to

manage drones in cities              

FaKebook: Fake account removal

doubles in 6 months to 3B

Pelosi tells colleagues Trump is 'villainous'

— and that he wants to be impeached

China says trade talks can’t continue    

unless US addresses its ‘wrong actions’

Shanahan: Pentagon considering sending more

troops to Middle East amid tensions with Iran

RSADF intercept, destroy explosive-laden 

drone launched by Houthis towards 

Najran Airport




Fascist symbols and rhetoric on 

rise in Italian EU vote

Yes or No: Who’s in charge?

Power struggles

roil Washington

Violent tornadoes tear across Missouri,

killing 3 and leaving extensive damage

Buttigieg: Trump faked being

disabled to get out of Vietnam

'American Taliban' Lindh released

as Afghan war still boils       

Webbers Falls Urges Residents To            

Evacuate As Loose Barge Heads For Dam

Runaway barges threaten dam       

in another day of Midwest storms

Texas facility stops taking in

migrants after teen's death

Hundreds Of Asylum Seekers        

Being Released In San Bernardino

Should the Electoral College Be Eliminated?

15 States Are Trying to Make it Obsolete

Joe Biden’s campaign pitch: 

Make America Normal Again

The Pentagon finally admits it investigates UFOs

India's Modi heads for re-election, 

early trends show

Two US Navy ships sail through Taiwan Strait

US gives Turkey two-week ultimatum to 

cancel S-400 deal with Russia

F-35 Makes Its Debut in Danish Air 

Space in 'Tour de Noise'

Dozens dead as Syrian Army  

counterattacks Kafranbuda in

response to Islamist gains

Syrian Rebels Attack Russian Air Base In Major Offensive

FBI: Hamas Supporter Arrested for

Plotting to Bomb Trump Tower, Aiding

Terror Organization

U.S. Fighter Jets Again Intercept

Russian Bombers Off Alaska

Dems Tied to Obama’s Pro-Iran 

‘Echo Chamber’ Spread Terror    

Regime’s Anti-Trump Talking Points

A new Prime Minister intent on no   

deal Brexit can't be stopped by MPs

How will Congress answer Trump's


Saudi Arabia to behead author, 

journalist and cleric on terrorism charges

Theresa May set to go after Andrea

Leadsom quits over Brexit fiasco and

Cabinet try to force her from power

Trump says he won’t do an infrastructure                 

bill while Democrats continue to investigate him

Homeland Security report says Trump administration

has built just 20 miles of border

wall and has funding plans for another 316 –

despite White House claims that it's on track

for 500 by next year

Internet Association To Honor House Speaker

Nancy Pelosi And Advisor To The President       

Ivanka Trump At Sixth Annual Charity Gala

Why the Air Force is investigating 

a cyber attack from the Navy

U.S. Warns Assad Regime 

Preparing New Chemical Weapons Attacks

Global Investors Flee Chinese        

Stocks at Fastest Pace Since 2015

Indonesian Police Break Up       

Election Protest with Tear Gas

Sudan protest group calls 

for a general strike as talks falter

Federal Efforts to Secure Key Cities From 

Mass Terror Attack Found Faulty

Pompeo: We Will Not Allow Iran 

to Hide Behind Its Proxy Forces

First on CNN: HERE WE GO AGAIN!    
Justice Department willing to hand

over counterintelligence if 

Schiff backs off 'enforcement action'

Rotting Trash Piles Sky-High in LA,       

Attracting Rats and Raising Concerns

of a New Epidemic

NY Times Editor Dean Baquet

Predicts Doom For Local

Newspapers: Most Will

‘Die’ in Next Five Years



Statesville Camping World fights fines, 

legal action over giant American flag

US would need ‘one million soldiers’

to invade Iran, warns Brit admiral

Four in 10 Americans Embrace 

Some Form of Socialism


Iran ramps up uranium enrichment

after Trump threats

Houthi Drone Targets Civilian Facility 

in Saudi Province of Najran

'What's going on with Fox?' Trump says 

you 'have to watch the competition' but 

complains his favorite network is 

'putting more Democrats on than Republicans'

SHAKEDOWN Nigel Farage says he’ll                     

press charges against ‘radicalised Remainer’

who pelted him with a £5.25 milkshake on 

Brexit Party campaign trail in Newcastle

Great white shark spotted off   

Long Island Sound for first time

How The US Regime Uses Sanctions 

To Soften A Country Up For Invasion

D.C. Judge Rules Against Trump

In Tax Records Tussle With Democrats

Ilhan Omar Becomes Subject Of 

Immigration Fraud Lawsuit

Hume Praises Buttigieg — ‘Most Impressive 

Candidate I’ve Seen’ Since Obama

Xi Sends Trump A Message: 

Rare-Earth Export Ban Is Coming

Global food crisis ahead as extreme 

weather events devastate crops 

and fields around the world

US destroyer armed with missiles enters

S. China Sea in challenge           

to Beijing’s territorial claims

Friend, foe or unknown force flying overhead? 

Congress should find out

U.S. Intel Warns Iran Plotting 

‘Tactical Surprise’ Attacks in Gulf

Donald Trump Directs Former 

Counsel Don McGahn to Ignore Subpoena

Amash doubles down on 

Trump and impeachment

Guatemalan teenage boy dies

in U.S. Border Patrol custody

UN warns food aid to Yemen 

could be suspended

Palestinians to shun US-led economic         

conference, prelude to Trump peace plan

Is the U.S. Planning for the Right War?

Iran quadruples production of enriched uranium

5G Danger: Hundreds Of Respected 

Scientists Sound The Alarm About 

Health Effects As 5G Networks 

Go Up Nationwide


Vast gasoline lines form in

oil-rich Venezuela      

Rapid DNA-Testing Reveals Third Of          

Migrants Lying About Family Relationship 

To Children

‘We’ve Lost Control of the Border,’

Says Border Patrol Agent      

Illegal Alien Convicted of Raping Dog to Death 

Released by Sanctuary State

Donald Trump Mocks ‘Loser’ Justin Amash

for Backing Impeachment

Will The Market Crash In 27 Days?

Lawrence Wilkerson Warns The US Is Driving 

Down A Highway To War With China

Obama's Top FBI Lawyer Distances 

Himself From Steele Dossier As 

DOJ Investigation Looms

UK forces secretly join US troops in  

Persian Gulf on anti-Iran mission

Is War Coming With Iran? We’re Already in One

Putin’s clever Venezuela gamble to 

‘Make Russia Great Again’

Iran’s envoy rejects talks with    

US under current circumstances

as deceitful

Saudi deposits $250 million in 

Sudan’s central bank$250-million-in-sudan-central-bank

US to hold economic conference in 

June to seek boost for Palestinians

Indian elections: Exit polls indicate     

victory for Narendra Modi and the BJP

Deutsche Bank analysts recommended Feds 

investigate possible Trump and Kushner 

money-laundering in 2016: report

Republican Rep. Justin Amash:

Trump engaged in 'impeachable conduct'

Seventeen injured after bomb hits           

tourist bus near Egypt's Giza Pyramids

No casualties as Katyusha rocket 

crashes into Baghdad Green Zone

Trump Admin Kicks Off Plan to Foster      

Israeli-Palestinian Peace

China State Run Media Broadcasts 

Anti-American Movies To Millions  

Amid Deepening Trade War

Michigan GOP congressman says

Trump’s conduct impeachable

Biden offers anti-Trump theme:

stop fighting, 'start fixing'

Why Black Voters Are Gravitating to Biden

Joe Biden’s Bet That 2016 

Didn’t Change Everything

Bernie's mystery Soviet tapes revealed

'Ahead of his time': Jimmy Carter

enjoys 2020 renaissance

Australia’s Conservatives Win

Surprise Election Victory

Political pitfalls: Iran tests

‘America First’ pledge

Democrats shift to seize on Supreme 

Court as 2020 campaign issue

Exxon Mobil evacuates 50 US 

staff from Iraq oil field, sources say

Syrian state TV says Hmeimim         

air base defenses thwart projectiles

Fresh Airstrikes on ISIS Hideouts; 

Nine Killed in Iraq

Farmers are in crisis. Lawmakers 

can’t do much to help unless Trump agrees

Balakot air strike: Pakistan still wary 

about safety of its F-16 assets

CDAC presents splendid picture 

of cultural interaction

Malaysians trapped in Syria seeking 

return home, police say

Chinese FM urges US to avoid further       

damage of ties in phone call with Pompeo

Senior NXIVM Member Confirms Illegal

Clinton Campaign Scheme During Trial

Mueller’s House testimony likely 

off until at least June

China’s new ‘social credit system’ turns

Orwell’s ‘1984’ into reality

District attorneys near Atlanta vow

not to prosecute women who get abortions

Burger King Hints That People 

Should Assault Nigel Farage with Milkshakes

After Making Bernie Sign Loyalty Pledge, 

DNC Hires Anti-Bernie Finance Chair

Record-Setting Art Sales 

Confirm Global Liquidity Bubble

Putin hails new Russian laser weapons

No Mueller, no McGahn and stalled investigations 

leave House Democrats frustrated

Ilhan Omar calls for abolishing ICE,

stopping deportations

United States and Sri Lanka agreed to      

expand military-to-military cooperation

Ex-CIA agent gets 20-year sentence 

for spying for China

Angry Venezuelans wait hours

for fuel as shortages worsen

Syria says it intercepts Israeli projectiles 

near Golan Heights

Gaza organizers cancel protests 

along Israel border



Administration rejects subpoena for

Trump's tax returns, upping stakes  

in battle with Democrats

China Is Running Out of U.S. Goods to Tariff, 

But It Has Other Trade War Weapons to Unleash

Homeland Security Releases 9K Illegal 

Aliens into U.S. in 8 Days; 

1.1K Released Every Day

ICE to hire contractor to transport                    

225,000 migrants to shelters across the US

US consumer sentiment surges to highest level in 15 years

Two U.S. Warships Enter                 

Persian Gulf Without Incident

Mystery grows. Deputies search Merced
County area where Fowler truck driver vanished

Iran tells Middle East militias:

prepare for proxy war     

US Raid on Venezuela Embassy '

A Brutal Act Against Int'l Law': Maduro

Cuba Blames Plane Crew for Deadly 2018 Crash

Key Development

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Egypt call  

on Qatar to stop funding terror groups

WOW JUST WOW ..................................

Nigeria’s Senate approves 

Central Bank governor for second term

Jamal Khashoggi fiancee: 'The world still has not done anything'

Federal judge orders parts of

Mueller report unredacted, made public

Mueller Testimony to Congress        

Stalled by Executive-Privilege Claim

Trump Proposes Merit-Based

Immigration Overhaul   

Military F-16 fighter jet crashes

into building in California 


UN chief concerned nuclear 'coffin'

leaking in Pacific
Here we go Folks ................

Alabama Sen. Doug Jones calls

new abortion ban ‘shameful’

Marine Reservist Dies After Collapsing 

During Run on His 30th Birthday

CENTCOM Shoots Down General's Claim of 

'No Increased Threat' from Iran

US Military Beefing Up Arsenal  

to Counter Potential Iran Attack

It Would Take Two Strikes to Win 

War Against Iran - US Senator 

May the Least Popular Man Win

Deployment should end amidst Iran tensions

Venezuela's Maduro is paranoid, isolated

and is sleeping in a

bunker as he clings to power in his shattered

country, says

White House NSC official

US transportation dept suspends

flights to Venezuela

Alabama votes to BAN nearly all abortions 

including in cases of rape and incest with    

doctors facing up to 99 years in jail for performing them

Barr Trolls Pelosi at the Capitol: ‘Madam Speaker, 

Did You Bring Your Handcuffs?’

School Controversy: Video Surfaces Showing

Teacher Dressed In Muslim-Like

Head Scarf During Active Shooter Drill

Turkey, Russia agree to set up 

joint working group for Syria's Idlib

Amid US-China trade war, Americans    

need to know who they're dealing with

Trump grants pardon for 

former media baron Conrad Black

Trump declares national emergency over 

threats against US technology 

amid campaign against Huawei

Chinese rover finds strange rocks that may 

come from deep inside the moon

Frustrated GOP senators want

answers from Trump on Iran

Yemeni Armed Drones Attack Saudi Oil Pipeline

Iran's Supreme Leader says there

will be no war with U.S.

Sudan talks resume after shootings mar breakthrough

Saudi Arabia says its oil pipeline 

was hit by drones

Bill Nye says 'the planet is on f******

fire' as he tells leaders to urgently

tackle climate change

The Supreme Tribunal Gives Maduro

What Venezuelans Took from Him:

An Obedient Parliament

F-35A Pictured On "Deterrence Mission" 

Over Middle East With Peculiar Single 

Missile Loadout

US, Russia clash on election meddling

but eye way forward

Iran says Trump playing                  

'very dangerous game,' risking '

devastating war'

Trump denies U.S. plan to send

120,000 troops to counter Iran threat

Liz Cheney Addresses Global Threats,

Criticizes House Dem Leadership at 

Hudson Institute

China Calls For "People's War" Against The US,

Vows To "Fight For A New World"

Arson suspect sought in fire at 2                      

homes owned by SC governor near Five Points

Pentagon presented plan to 

deploy 120,000 troops in 

case of Iran escalation

Britain warns US of ‘unintended’ escalation 

in conflict with Iran as Trump sends bombers to the Gulf

Islamic State announces new overseas 

province in India for the first time

Oil tankers 'sabotaged' as Gulf

tensions soar

Philippine Senate Elections 

Expand Power of Anti-Drug, 

Pro-China President Duterte

US, Russia test tense ties as 

Pompeo visits Putin

Assange faces rape probe in 

Sweden as case reopened

EU calls for Libya ceasefire,

warns of threat to security

N. Korea demands return of detained

cargo ship

US farmers who sell to China feel pain of

Beijing’s tariffs

Trump and Xi to meet after defiant 

China hits U.S. with new tariffs

Attorney General William Barr Appoints

US Attorney to Look into Origins of FBI Probe

Unfit to Lead? Elizabeth Warren Endorsed a War     

Criminal Who Torched a City Because She Was Mad

Maxine Waters Busted

Red-Handed Paying 

Her Daughter $50K 

From Campaign Funds

Dow tumbles more than 500 points as

U.S.-China tariff battle escalates

Saudi Oil Tankers Attacked Near UAE, 

As Iran Threatens U.S. Targets In Region




Venezuela's Guaido Officially Requests 

US Military Support - Letter

Donald Trump: 

‘China Will Be Hurt Very Badly’ 

by Tariffs

Ocasio-Cortez: Biden’s 

‘Middle Ground’ 

Climate Plan Is a ‘Dealbreaker’

Iran commander calls U.S. military

in Gulf a target not a threat -ISNA

Britain warns US-Iran conflict

could break out 'by accident',7340,L-5508304,00.html

China is raising tariffs on $60 billion

of US goods starting June 1

Guaido Begs US Military To Help

With Maduro Regime Change

Trump just gave the House a very       

good reason to look at his tax returns
NEW ZEALAND FOLKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alyssa Milano Calls For Sex Strike

To Protest Restrictive Abortion Laws

South Africa chief vows to                    

purge ANC of 'deviant tendencies'

UAE Says Four Commercial Vessels                

Targeted by 'Sabotage Operations' Near Iran

Iran says US doesn’t dare attack        

for fear of provoking assault on Israel

Schiff: Biden Ukraine Scandal 

Should Be Off Limits

French Activists Successfully   

Block Saudi Ship From Loading 

Purchased Weapons

Poll: 62% Of Likely US Voters Want The 

Government To Deport Individuals Who Overstay Visas

San Francisco police raid home of 

journalist to find who leaked Adachi report

More 'Heartbeat' Abortion Bans 

Advancing in South, Midwest

Humans 'BIOHACKING' their own                      

bodies with blood transfusions to achieve


CIA Briefed Colleagues Of Khashoggi  

That Saudis Are Now Targeting Them

6.1 magnitude earthquake strikes Panama 

and Costa Rica border region - USGS

Sudan tribal clashes leave 7 dead, 22 wounded

Crazy! Ball of Fire Moving Down 

Electric Lines In Venezuela

Rand Paul Lashes Out at Joe Biden, 

Son Over 2016 Ukraine Ties

Yellow Vest Leader Who Lost an Eye  

Was Deliberately Targeted by Police

Kamala Harris: If Elected I Will Take 

Gun Dealers’ Licenses Away 

with Executive Action

New nationalist anti-Islam party seen                 

entering Danish Parliament in election polls

Farage Blasts BBC's Line of 

Questioning on Marr

George Soros & The 'Business' 

Of Illegal Immigration

Iran commander calls U.S. military 

in Gulf a target not a threat - ISNA

FBI uncovers homegrown terror 

training camp in Alabama  

Freight train derails in Mississippi 

during flash flooding

The Surprising New Effect Of Trump’s 

Immigration Crackdown

North Carolina Blowback Intensifies

on Richard Burr’s Rogue Subpoena

These Afghan pilots came to Fort Worth 

for training. Then they disappeared

Here’s how many Afghan troops are 

still AWOL in America — and why

Afghan pilot training ends after        

almost half went AWOL in America

Iraqi pilot missing after F-16 crash

during Arizona training exercise

America’s Power

Grid Vulnerable 

to Electronic Attack

Gunmen storm luxury hotel in Pakistan

Venezuela opposition leader asks 

for relations with US military

Chinese State Media Escalates Attacks 

on US Amid Trade Stand-Off

Houthis prepare to pull back from Hodeidah

Polish Far-Right Supporters Protest     

Against Restitution of Jewish Property

Japan refiners tap more oil from   

Middle East to replace Iran supply

US sends naval strike group

as tensions rise with Iran

U.S. warns merchant ships of                   

possible Iranian attacks; cleric threatens

U.S. fleet

Leaked Letters Reveal Details    

of NRA Chief’s Alleged Spending







New York Wants To Force All Gun Owners

To Buy A Million Dollar Liability Policy

Walmart Raises Age to Buy Tobacco

Monthly Apprehension Numbers            

Top 100,000 For Second Straight Month

French Military Frees Foreign Hostages

from Burkina Faso

US sends Patriot missiles,                

warship to Middle East to deter Iran

U.S. Air Force decided to create 

F-35’s aggressor squadron 

at Nellis Air Force Base

Indian Air Force intercepts cargo       

plane flying to Delhi: Military sources

New Zealand's new aviation bill

highlights safety

U.S. warns merchant ships of possible      

Iranian attacks; cleric threatens U.S. fleet

Iran Just Delivered 1M Barrels

Of Oil To Fuel-Starved Syria By "Ghosting"

Venezuela reopens border where migrants 

used trails to reach Brazil

Yemen port withdrawal to begin on Saturday, 

UN and Houthis say

Trump Pulls The Trigger: Begins Process Of 

Raising Tariffs On All Remaining 

$300 Billion China Imports

New CIA "Flying Ginsu" 

Missile Shreds Individual 

Targets With 6 Long Blades

Hammered by heavy rain and huge hail

Thursday night, Houston braces for

more downpours

Storms bring school cancellations, 

flight delays

Cuba launches widespread rationing in face of crisis

April was another record month   

for illegal immigration

Rap Artist Indicted for Obama 2012

Campaign Donations

FBI Used Suitcase Stuffed With  

Cash During Papadopoulos Sting

New U.S. Sanctions on Iran Hit  

Ballistic Missile Program, Regime’s Cash

McCaul: U.S. Pushing Back on 

Chinese IP Theft and Global Aggression

Election Law Expert: ‘No Good Evidence’ 

Voter Laws Changed Outcomes 

in Georgia, Florida

Former Obama Communications Director: 

“I Hope” House Democrats Break the 

Rules in Order to Take    

Down President Trump

Outrageous! Pelosi Gives Congressional

Opening Prayer Duties to Anti-Semitic

Imam who Compared Jews to Nazis

Senator Rand Paul: Senate Intel Committee&r